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James May: Our Man in Japan Season 2 Release Date, Country

James May: Our Man in Japan” is another popular product on Amazon Prime published this year. As the name suggests, the TV Show is a travel documentary in Japan and the show hosted by James May. On January 3, 6 episodes were broadcast on Amazon Prime Videos, with all episodes simultaneously. The second season of the production, which attracted attention with the Hosting of mes May, is curious by the fans. Will there be a second season? When is the release date on Amazon Prime? And also, fans are curious about which country will take place next season?

The documentary, which met with the audience with James May, who has been the host of many television programs throughout his life, attracted attention worldwide. It deserves the score of the TV show, which got a high score of 8.4 on IMDb. It is also possible to watch the TV Series in many subtitle languages and voiceover languages.

In the first season of the documentary, we embark on an unexpectedly enjoyable journey with the team, starting from the north of Japan. There are no exaggerated impressions in this documentary. Everything is very natural. We watched many known and unknown cultural details about Japan in the documentary, which consisted of about an hour episodes. So what will happen in the second season of the series? Will we stay in Japan again, or will we visit another country?

Where will James May: Our Man In Japan Season 2 take place?

James May: Our Man In Japan fans liked the episode that aired on Amazon. When we examine James May: Our Man In Japan Season 2 predictions, it will be possible to say that the fan pages really expect a lot from the new season. One of the most asked questions directed by the fans about the series is, “Will James May stay in Japan in season two or will he continue his life elsewhere?”

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Series predictions are also beginning to take shape within the scope of this question. One of the most important ideas from fans is that James May should travel more in the context of his adventures. Fans who want unforgettable adventures to be featured in the series usually present the following countries in their James May: Our Man In Japan second season predictions:

India: Many fans are really enthusiastic about the adventures a person who is actually English can have in India.
China: The excitement and adventures that James May has gone through so far may sign that he can experience great adventures in China.
Mexico: Continuing the series in Mexico, which is very close to the United States, may require some budget.
South Korea: Although South Korea is not very advanced in terms of the drama industry and the movie industry, there are really many who would like to continue seeing James May with his adventures in the Far East!
Russia: Many fans want this series to be about Russia in the new season.

No matter where the series will take place, it is possible to say that Amazon has achieved success in this regard and that the fans of the series are eagerly waiting for season 2.

When is the release date of James May: Our Man In Japan Season 2?

The series was planned to be released as an annual season, but considering the pandemic process, it is difficult to say that the next season of the series will be released in January as in the first season. Considering the pandemic effects, we expect the series to meet with the audience towards the middle of 2021 in the second season.

Who is the Host: James May?

James Daniel May (b. January 16, 1963, Bristol) is an English presenter and journalist. He is known to many by the show he presented and produced with Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson called Top Gear. James May is also known for his television shows on technology, modern times, and culture. He is a columnist for The Daily Telegraph newspaper on automobiles.

It was also very enjoyable to explore Japan with Our Man In Japan, published this year with our server, which has a relaxed character.