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Is the Order a Rabbit? Season 4 Release Date, Renewal Status

Is the Order a Rabbit? is an anime series that first aired in 2014 in the comedy and slice of life genre. Each season of the anime series, based on a manga series written and illustrated by Koi, is greeted with excitement. Licensed by Sentai Filmworks and Crunchyroll, the anime has been handled by a different studio each season. The first season of the anime, created by White Fox, whom we know from the Goblin Slayer and Arifureta series, was transferred to Kinema Citrus, whom we know with The Rising of The Shield Hero in the second season. In the last season, it was made by Encourage Films, the creator of the beloved anime of 2019, Isekai Cheat Magician. After the third season, titled “Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM“, aired between October 10, 2020 – December 26, 2020, the fans are curious about the fourth season. So is a fourth season possible?

What is the plotline of Is the Order a Rabbit?

Our main character, named Cocoa, now lives far from her family. Recently starting high school, Cocoa wanders the city searching for a hostel, and she browses a Rabbit House coffee shop. Cocoa thought it was a coffee shop full of rabbits, as the name suggests. When she walks in to stare at the rabbits, she sees everything but the rabbit. She meets Rize, raised like a soldier, and a girl named Chino with a rabbit named Tippy on her head. When she asked them for the hostel, she learns that Rabbit House is a hostel as well. Cocoa, with her friendly personality, quickly becomes friends with the people there and starts working there.

is the order a rabbit
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Will there be a fourth season of the anime?

The series has not yet been renewed for a fourth season. Neither the latest season creator Encourage Films nor Sentai Filmworks mentioned a confirmation. The last season of the anime was released from October 10, 2020, to December 26, 2020, and the season is quite fresh. Therefore, we think that more time is needed for renewal. There is no official information at the moment, but it is possible to speculate. While speculating about the new season, we’ll consider the anime’s popularity and source material status.

Manga status of the anime (main source material)

As we mentioned before, “Is the Order a Rabbit?” is a manga series originally written and illustrated by the Japanese artist Koi. The manga series published by Houbunsha has been airing on Manga Time Kirara Max since March 2011. In the meantime, The US-based Left Press publishes the manga series in English.

The first three seasons of the anime series covered 6 volumes in total. We can say that each season deals with an average of two manga volumes. The manga series is still ongoing and consists of 9 volumes in total. The good news is that the creators have enough source material to create one more anime season at least.

Anime’s disc sales and popularity status

Disc sales are very important to see a new season of an anime. If more than 4,000 Blu-Rays and DVDs have been sold, making a new season is financially beneficial. The first volume sales of the first season of the series were 12,996, and the first volume sales of the second season were 16,030. These figures are enormous sales figures for an anime. Season three’s disc sales have not yet been released, but we think it will easily surpass the barrage, considering previous seasons and popularity. Also, we see that the anime has a popularity score of 72.3% in the evaluation made on other platforms. With comparing other anime, this score is pretty enough for a new season.

When is the release date of the fourth season?

As a result of our above assessment, we think that the series will have a new season. However, there is no official announcement yet, so it’s impossible to know the fourth season’s exact release date. The series came to the screens on the following dates in the first three seasons. Considering the production times of previous seasons, the most likely date for season four looks like the beginning of 2022. We will update our article when more official information becomes available.

Season Episode Release Date
1 12 April 10, 2014
2 12 October 10, 2015
3 12 October 10, 2020
4 12 Expected in 2022