intelligence season 2 release date

Intelligence Season 2 Release Date, (Peacock & Sky), Plot

Intelligence is a self-starring Sitcom created by Nick Mohammed. The British show aired on Sky One and Peacock, gaining viewers from all over the world. The TV show manages to impress the audience with its unique sense of comedy. The Sitcom, whose first season consists of 6 episodes in total, met with the audience on February 21, 2021. Fans of the show are excited about the second season. So has the series been approved for a second season? You will find all the details of the second season in our article.

Has the series been renewed for season 2?

Good news for fans of the series. Although the series did not get the rating they wanted in the first season, at least one more season will be on the screen. The renewal for the second season came just after the first season ended. No exact start date has been specified yet. Unfortunately, plans cannot be made clear due to the corona pandemic that affects everything. One year has been allocated for average production, and the second season of the Sitcom will be on the screens in early 2021.

Intelligence Season 2 Plot

Intelligence, one of the favorite shows of the British television sitcom fans, seems to continue to be watched with its rich cast fighting cybercrimes in its second season.

What Can We See in the Second Season of Intelligence? 

It looks like David Schwimmer will continue to work as an NSA agent in season two, just like season one. David, who has a big role in the main rhythm of the series, adds color to the series as Jerry- he will fascinate people with humorous dialogs in the second season. Events at UK’s Government Communication Headquarters may be more exciting in the second season. The structure of the crimes can add extra humor to the plot of the show, which makes it even more fun.


Especially after the first season, we see that the conflicts within the team increased, the friendship relations became stronger, and therefore the humorous moments related to entertainment and bilateral relations increased in number.

What Can Contribute to Series’ Ratings? 

The producers said that the show received low ratings, which is mainly because of the low excitement rate in the show. Therefore, in the second season, slightly more frightening or eccentric crimes and criminals are expected to be included in the series. Especially the closeness that will participate in the communication of the characters in the team can give the show a different atmosphere. Therefore, it seems that there is still hope from the second season of the series.

According to the interviews, especially according to the statements of Schwimmer, the dose of comedy will increase in the second season, and as everyone’s relations with each other will improve, power relations will be re-established both inside and outside the team. It also seems that Nick’s dialogues will really improve in season two. The comedy part can go through these dialogues. The density of national security, terrorism, and cyber terrorism will also increase, and the audience will find themselves in a more immersive story. This could lead to a much higher rating of the second season than the first.

Is there a released trailer for season 2?

Although the series was approved for the second season, the shooting of the second season was not over. No trailer has been prepared yet, but we will see a trailer in the coming months. We will update it for you.