In the Dark Season 3: Release date on The CW, Plot, Trailer

The third season of In the Dark, created by Corinne Kingsbury and has been a successful season, is eagerly awaited. The beloved American crime series which is published on The CW, now preparing for its 3rd season. The fans are asking that renewal status of season 3, what will happen on new season and when is coming out?

The series was firstly released on April 4, 2019 with the pilot episode and the last season was completed with the episode “My Pride and Joy”. The series has 26 episodes published in total so far and has an above average score of 7.4 on IMDb.

In the Dark is about a visually impaired woman named Murphy chasing after her close friend Tyson’s murder. She has acquired a new purpose for her life with this investigation. While doing his best to find Tyson’s killer, Murphy embarks on many different adventures and includes new people in his life.

Short review of In the Dark Season 2

Created by Corinne Kingsbury, In the Dark leaves the mystery of “Tyson’s Murder” in season 2 and puts the main characters in the middle of the criminal world. Learning that Dean had committed the murder, Murphy sets out to do his best to get Dean to receive the punishment he deserves. As Murphy seeks to uncover the truth about Dean, whose crimes were covered up by the Chicago police, he finds himself collaborating with drug dealer Nia Bailey (Nicki Micheaux), who also hires Tyson.

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At the same time, she drags Jess (Brooke Markham) and Felix (Morgan Krantz) and even hes family-owned charity Guiding Hope, who trained dogs to guide blind people with her into the quagmire of crime she fell into.

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Murphy, who has been impulsive since the first season of the series, continues his behavior that has dragged him into trouble in the second season. The group, which remained inexperienced even while investigating the murder of his close friend in the first season, this time, begins to launder money for the drug gang led by Nia.

The second season of the series, of which Ben Stiller is also among the producers, does not experience tides between drama and comedy genres as often as in the first season.

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When is the In the Dark Season 3 premiere date on The CW?

First of all, we would like to say that the series is renewed for the 3rd season. It is certain that the series will have a 3rd season. So when will the aforementioned 3rd season start airing? So far, no official airing date of the series has been announced on The CW. However, it is not difficult to make predictions on this matter. The series, which started in April 2019, made its second season premier in April 2020. If there is no setback in this direction, the approved 3rd season can be presented to the audience in April 2021.

EpisodeRelease date expected
Episode #3.1April 2021
Episode #3.2April 2021
Episode #3.3April 2021
Episode #3.4April 2021
Episode #3.5May 2021
Episode #3.6May 2021
Episode #3.7May 2021
Episode #3.8May 2021
Episode #3.9June 2021
Episode #3.10June 2021
Episode #3.11June 2021
Episode #3.12June 2021
Episode #3.13July 2021


What do we expect from season 3, what is the plot line?

The fans have been looking forward to get In the dark season 3 plot for long time. Finally, it is about to be available. In the dark, has impressed series enthusiast deeply since it was released for the first time. It is a well known fact that, piecing crime, drama and comedy together and presenting a grilling story is a rare enough thing. However, In The Dark Season 3 Plot seems to live up to its reputation. What does the next season hold? Will it be able to satisfy the fans’ expectations? These are the questions that we need to answer.

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With the death of Dean and Nia several changes are expected to happen. We are not really sure If Murphy’s anger towards to Dean will be gone with his death. Regardless of Dean’s villain behaviors everyone knew that he had been a devoted father. Even tough, Murphy will always find Dean responsible for her current position, after this loss there is no one left for Murphy to blame. Murphy has been acting carelessly and illegally for a while. It seem that she will go on doing so In The Dark Season 3. There is no doubt that Tyson’s memory has been Murphy’ motivation and courage throughout every challenge she faced. With Murphy’s new defense mechanism, she is expected to put Tyson’s inspiration aside and focus on problems and cases in an aggressive way.

There is no doubt that Murphy’s one of most important problem to deal with is going to be Nia’s brother, Darnell. In addition to this, Murphy’s crew will be more associated with crimes and cases. When it comes to Max and Murphy’s relationship, Murphy will continue to put up risks for him. It seems that Murphy will continue to cooperate with powerful females such as Mia and face to challenges with the help of her crew.

Is there a trailer for season 3 so far?

No trailer has been released from The CW so far. Although there are fan-made trailers, there is no official trailer released yet. We will update it for you when it is published.

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