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In/Spectre Season 2 Release Date, Set For 2023 January, New Trailer!

In/Spectre (Invented Inference), or Kyokou Suiri, is a romantic-fantastic anime series that also includes action and comedy elements. The Crunchyroll licensed anime, an adaptation of the manga written by Kyo Shirodaira, began airing originally on TV Asahi, MBS, AT-X, and BS-NTV on January 11, 2020. It was also broadcast on Animax and HBO Max and found audiences from around the world. The anime is animated by the successful Japanese animation studio Brain’s Base; we know the studio from another popular anime series My Little Monster. Recently, the fans are excited for the second season of the anime, so has the series been renewed for a second season? When will it be released? The series is directed by Keiji Gotoh (Kiddy Grade, Endride, Sengoku Collection), and Noboru Takagi (Durarara !!, Golden Kamuy, Kuroko’s Basketball) is responsible for the script. Takatoshi Honda (RIN-NE concept design) designs the characters and works as the animation director.

The plotline of In/Spectre

The spirit world has a great place in Japanese culture. This fantastic effect, which is frequently found in the country’s culture, appears in many anime productions. In ‘In/Specter’, we watched the story of Kotoko Iwanaga, a highly talented psychic who was able to communicate with the spirit world. The young and beautiful psychic falls in love with handsome Kurou Sakuragawa, who recently left her boyfriend. Realizing that she has extraordinary powers as he gets closer to Kurou, Kotoko begins to solve mysterious events in the spirit world with the man he falls in love with. The fantastic adventures of the two and the unnamed feelings between them make In / Specter quite enjoyable. Those who want to watch both fantastic and romantic anime shouldn’t miss it.


What we can see in the next season; Kotoko and Kuro officially started dating the last time we watched the series. The long un-named relationship eventually became clear. On the other hand, Rikka Sakuragawa, on the other hand, still poses a huge threat. No trace of Rikka has been found yet, they can discover traces of Rikka in the second season, we will see many mysteries and adventures again in the second season of the series.

When is the second season of In/Spectre?

The December 2021 issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine, published by Kodansha, announced that the anime will have a second season! The news, which was also confirmed on the official Twitter account, created great excitement.

On March 3, 2022, the highly anticipated news was announced on the anime’s official website. According to the first announcement, it was stated that the anime would start airing in October 2022. However, about two months later, the news of the postponement came. On May 2, 2022, it was announced in the website’s announcement and on Twitter that the broadcast date of the anime was postponed to January 2023 due to “various circumstances”. As of July 4, 2022, there is no further delay at the time of writing, and we hope there will be no in the future.

in spectre postponed

The third trailer (at the end of the article) of the anime was also shared recently. The anime’s second season will again be animated by Brains Base studio. In addition, Keiji Gotoh will continue as a director. Series scriptwriter Noboru and character designer Kentarou Matsumoto are returning for the second season.

Manga Status

As we mentioned earlier, In/Specter is a manga adaptation. The manga, written by Kyo Shirodaira, began publishing in 2011 and it was last released on May 17, 2022. The manga, which is published in 17 volumes in total, is still ongoing. The first season of the anime series covers the first 6 volumes of the manga. Approximately 1/3 of manga adapted into anime so far and we hope we will be able to see more season after 2nd season.

Manga adaptation rate


In/Spectre (aka Kyokou Suiri) currently ranks 500th on Myanimelist popularity rankings. This ranking is not bad for a new anime series released in 2020. Also, the anime has 50k followers on Twitter. We see that it has an average search volume worldwide in Google searches.

Although disc sales have decreased in recent years, animes are still good data to compare with the animes released in the same period, as they are for-profit productions. The anime has sold 859 units. This sales figure seems to be below the targets. To make a comparison, Magia Record, which sold discs in the 2020 Winter period, the same period as In/Spectre, managed to sell 7,426 units.

When we evaluate the popularity of anime in general, we cannot say that things are going perfectly. For this reason, anime should take advantage of the chance that comes with the second season to be broadcast and reach more people.