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ID: Invaded Season 2 Release date on Hulu, Renewal Status

ID: Invaded is a crime drama anime that started airing weekly on Hulu TV earlier this year. The Funimation licensed series was originally aired on Tokyo MX, BS11, TVA, KBS, SUN channels in Japan. Later, the anime, which found audiences worldwide in a short time, was broadcast in 13 episodes in total and made the season finale on March 23, 2020, with the episode “CHANNELED II”. Fans are wondering, will there be a second season of the anime? When will it be released? New sci-fi, mystery, and detective anime, directed by Ei Aoki such as Aldnoah.Zero, Fate / Zero, Re:Creators, is being prepared by NAZ studio. Anime is a parallel TV adaptation of the manga written by tarō Maijō and published in Young Ace magazine.

What is the plotline of ID: Invaded?

id invaded

ID: Invaded’s virtual world is full of floating houses, structures colliding with piles of land, and disappearing. Detective Kaido; He finds himself in this virtual world on a mission to enlighten the murder of Kaeru, a young girl who was stabbed to death. After a short time; He will realize that the unconventional laws of this new world do not only affect buildings and roads, after various disconnections in his body.
You have difficulty understanding anime at first. However, it gets easier as you progress, and it takes you under its influence. The story wraps up logically at the end of the first season, and there are not many obvious points left. Anime with a deep subject is appreciated for its ambient drawings. But not everyone agrees with the character drawings.

Will there be a second season of the anime: ID: Invaded?

At the time of writing, there is no renewal from Studio NAZ or Funimation for a second season of the series. We can make some guesses about this. Generally, the source material of anime is manga. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is an adaptation of the manga written by Ōtarō Maijō. Although it is not exactly a manga adaptation, we can say that a manga was published in parallel. So, are there enough resources for the second season?

The manga of the series is currently in progress. However, it is said that it will make a manga final on November 4, nothing is clear right now, and the fact that the manga is still ongoing constitutes sufficient resource material for the second season. A second manga adaptation could be anime to be able to advertise the manga, whose popularity is not as strong as anime. The anime’s reviews and the audience were also not bad. It is hard to mention a release date. Currently, there is no study and approval, however, depending on renewal from any broadcasting organization; We can see a new season of the series in late 2021.