hyperdrive season 2 release date

Hyperdrive Season 2: Release date on Netflix, Plot, Renewal?

The Netflix racing documentary Hyperdrive, created by Charlize Theron, received great acclaim with its first season. The series aired its first season on August 21, 2019 and took its place on Netflix with 10 episodes. After more than a year, fans are curious about the details of the second season of the series. It is asked whether the series will have a second season and when it will air. We have compiled what is known so far for the second season of the series.

Built a reputation as American Ninja Warriors on wheels, the unique tournament series Hyperdrive, excites its fans with its expectations. It is an auto – racing show featuring street racers all selected from different race tracks around the globe. The drivers get to test their limits on the most drastic automotive obstacle course, which outsizes every other one and makes the audience gasp. As well as international drifting racers, the show also embraces a wide range of turbocharged and customized cars, though the course may be a lot more challenging and out of some sort of cars’ league.


Will there be a second season of Hyperdrive?

Unfortunately, the series has not received approval from Netflix for season 2 so far. However, it is too early to say that there will not be a second season for now. The absence of a cancellation news yet is enough to keep our hopes alive. We think that the series, which attracted attention with its first season and completed the season with an above average score of 8.1 according to IMDb data, will be its second season.

What do we expect of Hyperdrive season 2?

In Hyperdrive Season 2, a whole pack of new racing course which is improved with new and more tortuous obstacles are waiting for the assertive drivers. In Hyperdrive Season 2 plot, we initially get to see that the drivers need to be a little bit show off with their terrific motor – racing skills throughout the elimination rounds. Once the elimination is over, they get the chance of going head to head in knock out rounds. They have to complete the extremely tough but still safe challenges and the numerous and dodging obstacles around the course because at the end of each episode, the drivers with the lowest time scores are going back to their home.


Hyperdrive tricky courses that are filled with surprise twists and turns are meant to keep the audience on their toes all breathtaking and is succeeding in this manner. Just to make it clear, the use of all manner of modified vehicles in order to complete the thrilling challenges makes it way more interesting. For people who are into unconventional car races and street racers, possible Hyperdrive Seasons 2 seems to be very satisfying and full with adrenaline, as always.

When Will Hyperdrive Season 2 Premiere on Netflix?

Unfortunately, there is no official release date as we have not received any news of renewal so far. Considering that the average preparation time of such documentaries is 1 year, we can think that the series can be meet with the audience like the beginning of 2021. However, we still have a renewal announcement to wait for.

Stay tuned for updates.

Who will be in the cast of possible season 2?

We do not expect a radical change in the cast list in the second season of the series. We will definitely see new characters, but the people we are used to from the first season will also be in season 2.

Actor Character
Stacey-Lee May Self
Michael Bisping Self
Lindsay Czarniak Self
Rutledge Wood Self
João Barion Self
Sara Haro Self
Diego Higa Self
Mike Hill Self
Faruk Kugay Self
Fielding Shredder Self