Homeworld 3 Release Date, Confirmed, Plot, Gameplay Trailer

Homeworld, which first came out in 1999, was highly appreciated with its different style and successful dynamics, and in 2003 it had a sequel. Although we saw Remastered games later, we waited 16 years for the new game of the series. And 16 years later, Homeworld 3 announcement arrived at PAX 2019. The game came exactly 16 years later: Homeworld 3 has been announced with the trailer at the end of the post.

Releasing a short teaser, Gearbox has confirmed that this game is Homeworld 3 with its promotional video. The developer of the game, Blackbird, announced that it would support this project with a donation. However, there is no limit to donations. Up to the present, $1,505,840 has been collected on the donation page opened on Fig.

Homeworld 3 on Fig Page

Homeworld 3, which is in the real-time strategy type as in other games of the series, will appear much more detailed thanks to new technologies. It is also stated that epic space battles will take place in the game. You can take a look at the game’s announcement video, which has no release date yet.

homeworld tweet

Which platforms will support Homeworld 3?

The developers, who mentioned this issue in the frequently asked questions section on the Fig page, think that 2022 is a very long process and think early for this answer. However, it is not difficult to predict that the game will take place on the PC platform.

Which languages does Homeworld 3 support?

The developers state that the game will be in English. Certain languages ​​are still under discussion, and they say they can expand the language library based on past places where Homeworld was successful and where they expected Homeworld 3 to succeed.

Homeworld 3 Release Date

So, when does the game come out? If you want, let’s look at the predictions made by the manufacturers of the game directly. Thinking it is too early to give an exact date, the developers say the game targets Q4 2022 for the release date.

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