Hinamatsuri season 2

Hinamatsuri Season 2: Release Date, All You Need To Know!

Hinamatsuri is a 12-episode comedy, seinen, superpowers, and slice of life anime that started airing in April 2018. Anime is adapted from the manga series written and illustrated by Masao Ōtake. The anime, which is about the story of two super-powered teenagers named Hina and Nitta, was created by the Feel studio. The studio has produced many acclaimed anime since 2005 and the last one was Remake Our Life!, a light novel adaptation. The series is directed by Kei Oikawa, who also worked for a few episodes on Naruto, and also directed the second season of Oregairu. Originally aired on many local channels such as AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, TVA, Sun TV, TVQ, and BS11, the anime has also been licensed by Crunchyroll and Funimation. In this way, it gets popular worldwide. Fans are now curious; will there be a second season after more than four years?

What is the Plotline of Hinamatsuri?

Nitta Yoshifumi is a yakuza member who likes to collect porcelain vases. One evening, while sitting in his apartment on the top floors of the skyscraper apartment and enjoying himself, a metal box suddenly falls over his head. There is a human face on this box, although Nitta tries to ignore it, it is not possible and the next morning the face on the metal box tells Nitta to pull herself out of the metal box. After Nitta opened this metal box, an 11-12-year-old girl named Hina comes out. Before long, Nitta realizes that this girl has telekinesis powers and, unwillingly, he has to take this girl with him. Although Hina’s powers help Nitta in his yakuza work, caring for her becomes complete torture for Nitta. After all these experiences, everything will turn into complete chaos as Hina’s friends in this new world and people who follow her from the old world get involved.

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Will there be a second season of Hinamatsuri?

After more than four years, as of July 26, 2022, studio Feel or any related company has not yet renewed the series for a second season at the time of writing. However, we can see the new seasons of animes even years later. One of the best-known examples of this, One-Punch Man, appeared before the audience about four years later with its second season. Especially the status of the source material can delay preparations for a second season of the anime. There is no official statement about the second season but still, we can speculate about the second season of Himanatsuri. During the evaluation, we will consider the main criteria, such as manga status and popularity.


As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Hinamatsuri anime is adapted from a manga written and illustrated by Japanese artist Masao Ōtake. The manga series published by Enterbrain appeared in Harta Magazine between 2010-2020. The manga series consists of 19 volumes. And the 19th volume published on July 15, 2020, was the finale of the series. The manga is also available in English in One Peace Books publishing.

The anime’s first season covers the first 9 volumes of the manga. What remains is the 10 volumes of source material for a second season. If desired, enough source material is already available for a new season. However, the manga cannot provide more than a new season. In summary, there is no obstacle for the second season in terms of the source material. The second season will continue with the 10th volume of the manga if it is renewed. If you think the possibility of a new season is low or you don’t want to wait, you can start reading the manga from the 10th volume.

Manga adaptation rate


The Hinamatsuri series ranked 409th on Myanimelist based on its popularity. This ranking can be considered OK but not perfect for an anime that was released in 2018. On the other hand, Blu-ray Disc sales are very valuable for the anime new seasons. Because anime earn a large share of financial income from disc sales. On average, if an anime’s sales figures are over 4,000, it looks promising for a second season. When it is under, the production committee mostly decides that this business does not bring enough profit.

Hinamatsuri sold 1,024 units with its first volume. The sales volume is well below 4,000, so it doesn’t give much hope for the second season. However, there are always surprises. Besides, 2018 was a bad year in the anime industry in terms of disc sales, and only a few anime could surpass this figure.

Google search data is useful to see the current popularity of Hinamatsuri. When we look at its search volume, we see that the anime is searched above average, but it is still not as strong as animes that have received new season approvals, such as To Your Eternity or Tonikawa. It seems that the Hinamatsuri anime needs more in terms of popularity. On Twitter, the official page of the anime is followed by 15k people, and we usually see that animes that have been approved for a new season reach over 100k followers.


When is the second season of the anime?

Hinamatsuri has not yet been renewed for a second season as of July 2022. BluRay sales figures were unfortunately below expectations. The manga, the original of the series, was completed in 2020, which is not good news for the anime series. Because the advertising expenditures of the completed series are reduced and an anime season for advertising purposes is not evaluated much. On the other hand, the anime does not have strong popularity for a new season. Still, the anime world is full of surprises, and there is always a chance as the manga has enough stock material to create a new season. Even though it is unlikely, considering the production and renewal times, a new anime season may meet with the audience around 2023 – 2024.