hatena illusion season 2 release date

Hatena Illusion Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Renewal Status

Hatena Illusion is an anime adaptation of the manga series written by Tomohiro Matsu. Romantic comedy anime is also one of Funimation‘s licensed anime. The anime series, created by Children’s Playground Entertainment, originally started on BS NTV, MBS, Tokyo MX channels on January 9, 2020. The anime, directed by Shin Matsuo, aired 12 episodes in total and made the season finale with the episode aired on June 3, 2020. Fans are wondering now; will there be a second season of the series?

What was about the anime: Hatena Illusion?

Shiranui Makoto, who is starting his first year in high school, goes to Tokyo to become the apprentice of the world-famous illusionist Mamoru Hoshisato, whom his family knows. Makoto has always wanted to be an illusionist ever since watching Makoru Hoshisato and his wife’s show. In addition, this couple’s daughter Kana; aka Hatena, is his childhood friend. Although Tokyo is the center of constant strange and chilling events, Hatena’s presence gives Shiranui Makoto comfort. In the Hoshisato mansion, known as a Makoto haunted house, they are warmly welcomed by the butler Jeeves and the maid Emma and reunite with Hatena. While Hatena welcomes Makoto’s arrival, the two are not getting along as well as before.

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Will there be a second season of the anime?

The anime has not yet been renewed for a second season by Funimation or by either the studio or producers. As we mentioned before, Hatena Illusion was an adaptation of the manga written by Tomohiro Matsu. The manga was originally published on November 21, 2014, and has been published for a total of 1 year. The manga, which has four volumes in total, was completely adapted to the anime. The manga is not ongoing today, so it’s hard to see a new series season. However, such a thing may be possible if the script continues.

The last episode of the series was postponed due to various reasons. When we look at the series’s reviews, it is one of the anime series that have been subjected to negative evaluations among the anime series published in 2020. It had potential, but the audience mostly couldn’t find what they wanted. The possibility of a second season of the series is not expected in terms of both popularity and source material.