Half-Life 3: Confirmed or Cancelled? Release date and News

The development process of Half-Life 3 has turned into an unresolved mess. Will Half-Life 3 be released by Valve? Is it confirmed or canceled, what’s the release date? Valve, one of the important names in the video game industry, has undertaken dozens of important projects so far. Perhaps the most popular of these projects was the “Half-Life” series. After meeting Half-Life and Half-Life 2, the players were eagerly awaited the third game of this series. However, Valve recently introduced a new game called Half-Life: Alyx, by turning all players in a corner. Content by Geoff Keighley has been added to Steam last month. This content; “Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hours”. Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hours, which is content that we can take a closer look at Valve’s last decade, includes a mini-game and some videos. This content contains very important details about Half-Life 3.

Has Half-Life 3 really been canceled?

Unfortunately, it has been canceled. The information in Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hours also refers to the productions canceled or left in the process by Valve. This may be a little disappointing, but Valve was already developing Half-Life 3 years ago. In fact, this game will be inspired by Left 4 Dead, but the fact that the Source 2 engine could not be completed caused this project to be canceled. The game only had the opportunity to be developed in one year between 2013-2014.

Half Life 3

The emerging information about Half-Life is not limited to this. Half-Life: Alyx – According to the information in the Final Hours, not one but two but five Half-Life game projects between Half-Life 2 and Half-Life: Alyx have been canceled. Among these canceled games, there were also productions with virtual reality support. However, the problems experienced dragged the company into various deadlocks and as such, important projects were canceled one by one.

If you are a Left 4 Dead fan, you share the same fate as Half-Life 3 fans. According to the statements made, the 3rd game of Left 4 Dead was also under development, and this game had to be canceled due to the inability of the Source 2 engine. The team states that this game is in the open-world genre and is set to take place in Morocco.

Half Life 3

We don’t want to upset you anymore, but Valve has canceled a total of 9 projects in the past 10 years, including Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 games. It is not known whether these projects will see daylight again, but we have news that you will like. It seems that Valve is working on a top-secret project that was launched in 2018, but the details of this project are currently unknown.

Will there be a Half-Life 3 in the feature?

As can be seen from the summary above, the production of the game is currently completely stopped, and Valve seems to focus on developing more Source 2 game engines in the coming period. So, will we see a new Half-Life game in the future?

Half-Life 3 VR

In an interview, Valve stated that they want to make more Valve games in the future, even in a short time. However, Half Life still has many road maps and plans and it is unclear which games they will bring, of course, some leaks also talk about secret projects. We cannot predict whether the next game will be a VR game or a game we can see on PC and Consoles, but we are sure that Valve will not want to finish the Half-Life brand and we think we will see Half Life 3 one day.

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