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Great Pretender Season 3 Release date on Netflix, Renewed?

Great Pretender is a beloved crime and comedy anime series released in 2020. The production, an original television series not based on a manga series, was broadcast on Netflix and Fuji TV’s +Ultra. The series was licensed by Netflix and created by Wit Studio, which has achieved successful anime in recent years. Wit Studio is also the creator of popular anime such as Vinland Saga and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress in recent years. The anime, directed by Hiro Kaburagi, originally aired on Netflix in two parts. The first part of the series contained 14 episodes, and the second season which contains 9 episodes aired months later. The second season of the series was broadcast on Netflix Japan in September, but nine new episodes aired outside Japan on November 25. Now fans are wondering; Will Great Pretender has a third season?

What was the plotline of Great Pretender?

Edamura, Japan’s top scammer, decides to scam a tourist with his partner Kudo one day, but things aren’t quite as expected. He learns that the ordinary tourist is one of the best scammers in the world. Edamura, who was hunted on the hunt, finds himself in a planned fraud with every step thanks to the game this professional con artist played for him. And so begins a more professional and comprehensive fraud life; He is defrauding the bad guys instead of defrauding the public for the purposes of the group he joined.

Great Pretender

This anime, which consists of 23 episodes in total, is divided into four different cases and presents three different fraud stories. All four cases consist of episodes that are both entertaining and thought-provoking, which you can watch without getting bored. Of course, besides these, the flaws that occur while the plans are being processed excite people by making them think about how they will solve this problem.

In all three different cases, we also learn from another character’s past. And the backgrounds of these characters are not just for our understanding of their characters, but in connection with the cases.

Will there be a second season of Great Pretender?

Neither Wit Studio nor Netflix has yet renewed the anime for a third season. When the popularity of the series is evaluated, we see a score of 76.5%. This score is pretty promising for a third season when compared to other anime scores. There is no obstacle for the series to have a third season, in our opinion. Wit Studio or a different studio will be ready for the third season when Netflix requests.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the series is not a manga adaptation. There is a manga adaptation written by Ryōta Kosawa and illustrated by Daichi Marui, but the series is Netflix’s original content, and the script is written by Ryōta Kosawa directly for the anime.

The first season of the series is a whole of 23 episodes. The first two seasons of the series were actually a complete season, which is broadcast on different dates. However, Netflix defined the second part (Episode 15-23) as the second season because the first 14 and last 9 episodes were broadcast on different dates. The second season has arrived early due to the season is already ready for the broadcast. A possible third season will not come as quickly as season two. If Netflix renews the series for a new season, we can see the third season as the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.