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After a long silence, DC started to share with us the games that will take place in the Batman universe. In addition to the upcoming Batman movie, two new Batman games “without Batman” were also introduced. We take a closer look at the details you need to know about Gotham Knights, the first of these games to be released.

After a long period of game rumors and some vague details, DC started to clarify the new Batman game. In addition to the trailer of The Batman with Robert Pattinson, which was released surprisingly and fell like a bomb on the agenda, trailers and gameplay videos from the much anticipated Gotham Knights game were also released.

Gotham Knights, a Batman game without Batman, hosts many interesting details in its not too long gameplay videos and trailer. In this context, we take a closer look at what you need to know about Gotham Knights, where we will manage four different characters from the Batman universe.

Who will be the Characters on Gotham Knights?

In this game, which is out of the Batman Arkham series and in which Batman died, unfortunately, we play with four different characters from the Batman universe who are at least as famous as Batman in the comic book world. In Gotham Knights, which is based on different gameplay styles brought by different characters; Dick Grayson, who was the first Robin and appeared in other Batman games, appears as the famous Nightwing.


Our second playable character is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of James Gordon, whom we all love. Although Barbara Gordon is sometimes included in the Batman universe as Oracle, she is in the Gotham Knights game as Batgirl.

Our third character is Tim Drake, who is Robin after Dick and Jason in the Batman universe. Tim is also featured on Gotham Knights as a young and relatively inexperienced Robin.

Finally, Red Hood, perhaps one of the most beloved side characters of the Batman family, welcomes us. Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, who has a tough temperament compared to other characters, seems to add a quite different atmosphere to the game.

gotham knights characters

Will Gotham Knights be an open-world game?

Gotham Knights’ press conference recently confirmed that the game will have an open world. Gotham Knights is taking place in the most active and living Gotham City ever created. Players will be able to freely roam five different regions of Gotham City and intervene in the crimes that occur randomly in these places.

Gotham Knights – Official Gameplay Walkthrough

As we can see from the gameplay video, Batcycle engines will be one of the main vehicles our characters will use to navigate Gotham City. We also see that Robin uses the teleportation technology of Justice League in the trailer to cover short distances on the map.

gotham knights batcycle

The open world of the game generally seems to be the way we see in the 2018 Spider-Man game. As we move towards a mission in the city, it seems that we will be able to stumble upon crimes happening in random places and neutralize the criminals, and thus gain experience points.

What will be the story of the game: Gotham Knights?

Before looking at the story of Gotham Knights in general, it is worth noting that this game does not run parallel to the Batman Arkham series and does not take place in the same universe. The game that will take place in the same universe as the Batman Arkham games will be Suicide Squad. Gotham Knights, on the other hand, will take place in the DC Batman universe, generally unrelated to other games.

gotham knights

In Gotham City, which has become a crime hot spot after Batman’s death, we will try to clear the city from the criminals and uncover the mysteries hidden in the dark corners of the city with our four playable characters. Of course, in the meantime, Mr. Well-known villains like Freeze will also be in the game.

Gotham Knights’ gameplay and teaser trailers, although short, contain a good amount of Easter Eggs. Originally posted on a Reddit post, there is a Gotham City police badge next to James Gordon’s photo with Barbara. There is an owl icon on this badge. This owl icon refers to the Court of Owls, a criminal organization in the Batman universe. After Batman says he does not trust Gotham police, it is certain that we will see details about the Court of Owls who took over Gotham police in Gotham Knights.

gotham police badge

The second surprise egg is a wheelchair in the part where we see Barbara Gordon in the trailer. This image is clearly a reference to the Batman Arkham series, because, in the Arkham series, Barbara appeared in the role of the wheelchair-wearing Oracle.

Apart from these Easter Eggs, S.T.A.R., which is also seen in Superman comics in the trailer. Labs appear as a real place. In addition, the hospital logo named Edward M. Elliot, which appears in the trailer, is considered to be a reference to the character of Thomas Elliot, also known as Hush in the DC universe.

How did Batman die in the game’s story?

batman die

Perhaps the most talked-about subject in Gotham Knights trailers is the death of Batman. In the story of the game, Batman is found dead and leaves a message behind. Although there is no detail on how Batman died, Patrick Redding, the creative director of DC Fandom and Warner Bros Montreal, made a statement on this issue.

Redding said in a statement “In this way, in Gotham City, which Bruce Wayne has controlled as Batman for 15 years, players will have to solve everything themselves without Batman.” Therefore, he states that they decided to die of Batman. Of course, when it comes to Batman, nobody really can be sure whether Bruce Wayne is dead or not. You will be able to see new details about this subject altogether in the future.

Will Gotham Knight be played in co-op multiplayer?

Another officially certain information is that Gotham Knights is a game that can be played in a “co-op” way, both in single-player and two players. At first, most players thought that Gotham Knights was a service game, that is, a production that will continue to be developed according to player comments after the market is released. However, the limitation of the multiplayer part to 2 players and the presence of the single-player mode sprinkles a bit of water on the hearts of the players.

gotham knights multiplayer

As far as we can see in the trailers, the two-player mode seems to be in a structure where two players can work together to make cinematic combos, just like in the Arkham Knight game. Gotham Knights’ emphasis on single-player fashion and the fact that we can play the game alone is a great relief for players.

Will the game be an RPG (Role-playing game)?

Gotham Knights are described as an open-world RPG game, according to a direct statement by Warner Bros. Although we do not see much detail about the role-playing elements of the game in the trailers released so far, there are a few decisive details. The most important of these is that the enemies seen in the trailer, have levels. This level system, which is frequently used in next-generation Assassins Creed games and that players do not like at all, seems to make the gameplay mechanics of Gotham Knights look something different.

rpg levels

Finding the enemies’ levels in the game will likely encourage players to earn level points and improve their characters by performing more side missions in the open world. The game should balance this well, this situation can be boring sometimes. The best part of Gotham Knights in terms of role-playing is probably the gameplay part where we can loot and develop Batman technologies.

As we saw in the Gotham Knights gameplay trailer, there seems to be a special skill bar on the bottom left of the screen. Although we do not see anything definite about these features in the trailer, it can be observed in the cinematic parts that Barbara Gordon has a high level of hacking ability and Dick Grayson has a special spinning attack style move that we do not see in other characters. In the skill bar-like boxes at the bottom left, it is said that each character can have energy bars where they can use their ultimate or special moves.

Who are the villains on the game?

Whether it’s Batman or not, it would be impossible to imagine a Batman universe without its villains. For this reason, Gotham Knights is home to the Batman universe villains that have not appeared on the screens for a while. The first of these villains is Mr. Freeze appeared in the movie Batman & Robin, which came out in 1997.

gotham knights mr freeze

Another bad character that will take place in the game is actually a criminal organization. The Court of Owls organization, which has an important place in the DC universe, has never been in any Batman game before. So it seems like it will be very exciting to see Court of Owls in Gotham Knights. In addition, the League of Assassins logo in the promotional post shared by Warner Bros. on Twitter makes it possible for this criminal organization to take part in the game.

When will Gotham Knights be released? And what platforms will it come to?

The reason DC has suddenly launched a major promotional campaign around Gotham Knights is that the game will be released in 2021. According to the predictions, we may be able to see the game release in the summer of 2021. When we look within the framework of DC games, the first game to be released is Gotham Knights. Gotham Knights will be a very rich game in terms of platform. Gotham Knights, which will be launched in 2021, will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X platforms.

What do you think about the upcoming game, how do you think a game will be without Batman?

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  1. At first glance, the game looks like a direct sequel to Arkham Knight with Knightfall Protocol, but with different timelines and characters, it seems to surprise everyone in some way. Usually, I would say no game without Batman, but after Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, I stopped talking big.

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