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Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Release Date on Netflix, Plot

Good Morning, Verônica” was one of Netflix’s crime drama series released this year. José Henrique Fonseca is the director of the production, based on the novel of the same name. Actresses such as Tainá Müller (Verô), Elisa Volpatto (Anita), Camila Morgado (Janete), Eduardo Moscovis (Claúdio Antunes Brandão) are starring in the Brazilian TV series, which aired on October 1, 2020, as a total of 8 episodes. The second season of the Netflix-made series is curious. The ratings of the series so far are pretty good. Well, is it enough for its renewal for the second season?

Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Plot

Thanks to Netflix, it brings us world languages and series. No, not a soap opera. This beautiful detective, which started broadcasting on Netflix on October 1st, is about our female police named Veronica uncovering some secret incidents. Created by the author Raphael Montes under the pseudonym of Andrea Killmore with Ilana Casoy, the series is directed by José Henrique Fonseca. The tension does not end in this beautiful 8-episode series. It makes itself watch with curiosity. And when it is in beautiful Portuguese, the series becomes even more attractive.

Good Morning Veronica, one of Netflix’s most popular series, seems to continue in the second season by sticking to the Bom Dia novel. The filmmakers will continue to take care to follow the plot of the novel, but they may still need to make some changes in order for the series to catch up with its own rhythm and keep the audience on the screen. All of these situations cause fans to make their second-season predictions within the framework of the book. But of course, there is a possibility that the producers will go beyond the script of the book and add new elements to the series. In this case, it may be possible to encounter various criticisms.

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What will happen in the Good Morning, Veronica Season 2?

New murder cases make up the majority of the predictions made for the second season. It is thought that the new murder cases expected to occur in the series will arouse excitement and curiosity. In this context, especially young viewers may find the series more engaging. If this is done, the off-book elements will be added in a scenario. That’s why it’s hard to predict how to react to such a scenario.

More Prediction About Season 2 of Good Morning, Veronica

Moreover, there is the possibility that the series’ second season story may be inspired by crime novels written by the same author or different authors. In this context, there may be situations where events related to family ties stand out, and emotional and sexual development is followed step by step. But if these are to be watched, a tight, successful, and professional plot will have to be created so that they do not appear absurd in the crime-related series. The new season is eagerly awaited for this.

When is the release date of Good Morning, Verônica Season 2?

Netflix has not yet renewed the series for a second season. However, this situation is normal for now, and there is no cancellation. The drama aired in October, and it’s too early for a second season renewal. The ratings of the series are on average now. Everything seems to be sufficient for a second season. Good Morning, Veronica’s production time is about a year. There is no clear date yet, but the second season will be on screens in October or the end of 2021. We will share it with you when renewal news comes.