Goblin Slayer Season 2 Release date, Renewal Status, Plot

Goblin Slayer is an anime series created by Japanese animation studio White Fox. Originally broadcast on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, BS11 networks, the anime received audiences from all over the world with Crunchyroll. The series, which was broadcast weekly in the winter of 2018, made its first season finale on December 30, 2018, with the last episode called “The Fate of an Adventurer”. According to IMDb data, the series with a score of 7.5 has a good fan base.

Although it has been about two years, the series’ fans wonder, will there be a second season of Goblin Slayer? What will be the plotline, and when will the new season release? Let’s remember the anime series firstly!

What was Goblin Slayer about?

“I have no way to save the world. I’m just killing goblins.” Reaching the Silver-Rank by hunting only goblins in a frontline guild, the Goblin Hunter, though previously hunted alone, begins on missions with a nun he rescued when he was about to be killed with his team on his first mission. Goblin Hunter uses all kinds of methods to kill goblins. Later, the Elven Archer, the Dwarf Shaman, and the Lizard Monk join the Goblin Hunter and the Priestess team. Goblin Hunter and his crew take on all incoming goblin kill missions.


What will be the plotline of Goblin Slayer Season 2?

Goblin Slayer Season 2 plot predictions grow wider among the fans. As it has left an adventurous and absorbing season behind, the Goblin Slayer lovers have started to look for some details about season 2. Things will get quite complicated. Goblin Slayer Season 2 plot predictions is expected to answer some questions.

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goblin slayer

After the Goblin Lord’s death and goblins are killed, everything seems safer in season 2. But is it? Or are some more difficult tasks waiting for Goblin Slayer? The farm might be secured but not forever. Goblin Slayer will be involved in some more dangerous missions. It is a well-known fact that the Priestess has been one of the most helpful partners in duty. In season 2, Priestess will maintain supporting Goblin Slayer and their cooperation. Cow Girl’s interest to be an adventurer will go on in season 2. However, it is not clear how useful she will be or manage to be a proper adventurer.


goblin slayer team members

Goblin Slayer’s face reveals expected to leave a huge effect in season 2. The shock wave that Goblin Slayer’s removing helm seems to still have an impact in season 2. Goblin Slayer’s reputation appears to be heard widely. Goblin Slayer seems to get more love and acceptance thanks to this confrontation and success for destroying goblins. The idea which was believed before that killing goblin is not something worthy to risk will change in season 2. Goblin Slayer’s passion for killing goblins seems to keep busy his personal life for a while. Therefore, it is a common expectation for season 2 that Goblin Slayer might think about his future just like Cow Girl advised him. However, things will get complicated in time, and new adventures will occur in Goblin Slayer season 2.

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Will there be a 2nd season of Goblin Slayer?

The Goblin Slayer anime uses previously published written products as source material. These written items include manga and light novels. The first product that forms the source of the series is a light novel by Kumo Kagyu. Good news for fans, because this novel is still going on. For Goblin Slayer, a 12 volume light novel and a 9 volume manga have been released so far. Both are currently ongoing. This means that there are enough resources for the second season of the series.


When we examine the series’ ratings, we can say that it is better than many anime that we saw that it received the new season’s approval. When these parameters are evaluated, we think we will see a new season, even though there is no confirmation yet. Based on estimates, depend on renewal, the series could air with the second season in the spring of 2021.

Is there a released trailer so far?

No trailer has yet been released for the possible second season of the anime. Although there are some fan-made trailers, an official trailer is not expected to be released until the series is renewed for the new season. We will share it with you when released, and now we leave you with an unforgettable scene.

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