Gentefied Season 2 Release date on Netflix, Plot, Renewed?

Gentefied is a comedy-drama tv series that aired on Netflix in 2020. The American-made series, created by Linda Yvette Chávez and Marvin Lemus, aired ten episodes on February 21 on Netflix. The series is broadcast in 2 different languages, both Spanish and English, and attracts viewers worldwide. Fans are wondering, will there be a second season of the series? Has the series been renewed for a second season, and when will it air? Gentefied, the new comedy series released by Netflix in 2020, reflects the struggle for the unity of three Latin-origin cousins ​​for their grandfathers despite having unrelated characters, telling us how important family ties are. Netflix brought the first season of 10 episodes to the audience exactly one month after the series’ official trailer was released on January 21, 2020. The series, which has managed to get full marks from the audience nowadays, has an IMDb score of 7.4 and a critic evaluation score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Is the series: Gentefied renewed for season 2?

Good news for fans on the renewal. According to the information received from Netflix in May, the series was renewed for a second season. The creators of the series express their excitement on their Twitter accounts. The second season of the series, which attracted great attention with the first season, will consist of 8 episodes in total. The creators of the series guarantee that the second season episodes to be broadcast will make you cry.

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When will 2nd season air on Netflix?

The exact release date of the series has not been shared. The filming of the second season, which was approved in May, is among those affected by the pandemic process. The first season of the series was broadcast in February, but the second season is expected to be on Netflix in mid-2021, albeit with a delay.

What will be the plotline of Gentefied Season 2?

The Netflix broadcast Gentefied, whose first season attracted a lot of attention, seems to make the audience emotional and cry in the second season. Especially according to the statements made by the fans, the second season of this series, which will make us feel the warmth of a family, seems to lock the viewers on the screen.


In fact, it seems that we will continue to watch a bilingual drama in the second season of the series. After the impressive ending of the first season, the series will become even more dramatic, as can be seen from the finale of ” Delfina ”. The subject of the series will continue to maintain its difference in the second season. We are confident that especially the dramatic adventures in the life of the Morales family and the vibrancy of everyday life will appear best in this season.

What will happen in Season 2 of Gentefied?

The series will continue to advance its story by centering on a Mexican-American family. The best way to describe the fantasy and drama of a minority in Los Angeles is undoubted to view them in their bare way with their bilingual life. The series will continue to do exactly that.

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One of the best answers to the question of what could happen next season is this: The second season may be a season in which cousins in the family develop their relationships with their parents. For both Ana and Erik, Chris these relationships will start to become more intense. Getting closer to her mother, Ana may start taking up more space in the show. The number of cliffhangers that need to be solved for season two will also be very large. That’s why everyone is in an exciting wait.

We loved watching the Morales family and their cousins’ culture of spending time together and their adventures in the restaurant. While these adventures in Mama Fina continue rapidly, the enjoyment of the series seems to increase. Tacos will be again seen much and the second season will be really nice. There is not much information presented in Gentefied’s 2nd season predictions. Therefore, we will continue to get excited in this context.

Who are in the Gentefied’s cast?

The series Gentefied, starring the famous actor Joseph Julian Soria, stars Carlos Santos, Karrie Martin, Joaquin Casio, Julissa Calderon, Annie Gonzalez, Laura Patalano, and Felipe Esparza. Successful actress J. J. Soria has previously appeared in productions such as Purge Night: Election Year, Hamlet 2, Shooter 2, The Oath, Camp X-Ray, Filly Brown, and Benavides Born.

Is there a released season 2 trailer?

It is not yet possible to see a trailer from the second season of the series. The trailers of the series will be viewable about 1-2 months before the release date. We watched the below trailer of the first season of the series in January and the first season in February.

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