Bloodmoon: When will be released new Game of Thrones Prequel 2019

Bloodmoon Game of Thrones

HBO’s Game of Thrones has gone after finished Season 8 and fans have wondering will there be a Game of Thrones season 9, is that possible? Most asking question of got Todays, will game of thrones continue or will be shoot again. Also in this content we will focus on new prequel “Bloodmoon

Game of Thrones made a final episode after 10 years and said good-bye to TV’s. But there is a happy news from HBO’s side and they announced a new TV series, but it was not a official announce for now. It’s name will be “Bloodmoon” rumour has it that. Creator of Game of Thrones George RR Martin used The Long Night title for this prequel before but it looks changed. Anyway this title is not clear yet but you should now that: There will be a prequel of Game of Thrones and maybe we will watch again series like GOT.

Which time we will be watch at new prequel of Game of Thrones?

The new Game of Thrones will be telling to us thousands years ago from game of thrones history. Unfortunately, it means there won’t be an any same character from what we have seen. Except one exception: The Night King, played by Slovak actor Vladimir Furdik, will take part in this production and it portrays a different question.

What will new Game of Thrones “Bloodmoon” be about?

The producer of the series HBO is telling “Turn back to time of darkness” about new Game of Thrones series.

“From Westeros’ terrifying secrets to the true story of the White Walkers birth, only one thing is certain, and that’s not the one you think you know.”

The era called the Age of Heroes marks the time when the Children of the Forest and the First People made the peace agreement.

The darkest time is the period in which White Walkers first emerged in the world and ended the peace and brought many years of harsh winter.

With this new series, it is quite possible that there will be something about the true birth story of Night King, as well as the ancient animosity of the Stark and Lannisters.

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Will there be Dragons on Bloodmoon?

We can clearly say that we will not hear the order of Dracarys in this series. The Georce RR Martin:

You will lok at a very different era of Game of Thrones. There wont be dragons, the Iron Throne or King’s Landing.

When will be released Bloodmoon?

Although the shooting began in Belfast, the earliest date for the publication date is looks 2020. This section will be update with new announcement. HBO’s Casey Bloys to the Hollywood Reporter:

Even if the pilot episode and the remaining episode are complete, nothing will be released until at least a year after the release of the final season.

Who will be in cast of bloodmon?

  • Naomi Ackie: Everyone probably know her. Ackie will be familiar to fans of Channel 4’s comedy drama The Bisexual, in which she played Ruby, though she’s perhaps best known for her role in 2016’s Lady Macbeth, and will be part of the next instalment of the Star Wars saga when Episode IX is released later this year.
  • Denise Gough
  • Jamie Campbell Bower
  • Ivanno Jeremiah
  • Georgie Henley
  • Alex Sharp
  • Toby Regbo
  • Sheila Atim

When will be relased Bloodmoon Trailer

Was not announced yet, will be here when it released.

Will be updated.

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