Full Dive Season 2

Full Dive Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Renewed or Cancelled?

Manga fans were delighted in December 2020 by the news that Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu yori mo Kusoge Dattara light novel will be adapted into anime. Full Dive that appeared before the audience in the spring of 2021, is an action & game genre anime set in the theme of RPG (Role-playing game). The anime is based on a fairly recent light novel by Light Tuchihi. Full Dive is created by ENGI studio. ENGI, a new studio in which Kodakawa has a major stake, previously undertook the adaptations of Kemono Michi: Rise Up, and Radyo-chan Wants to Hang Out. The anime originally aired on AT-X, Tokyo MX, and many Japanese local networks from April 7, 2021, to June 23, 2021. It is wondered if there will be a second season of the anime, which gained viewers from all over the world by being listed on Funimation. Let’s remember the series and take a look at all that is known about the second season.

What is the plotline of Full Dive?

Full Dive
The picture from @Funimation / YouTube – Trailer

As a result of some interesting events, an ordinary high school student Hiro Yuuki gets the virtual reality role-playing game Kiwame Quest. The claim of the game, which is produced with the latest technology, is that it is “extremely realistic”, everything from the fantastic graphics, the behavior of the NPCs, the smell of the vegetables, and even the feeling of the wind on your face is made with the highest quality mastery. But the game is a little too realistic and complicated. Kiwame Quest contains over ten quadrillion flags and reflects the player’s real-life physical skills into the game. Getting hit in the game can hurt, and cuts take days to heal. The only reward here is a sense of accomplishment. Conquer the most stressful game in history, not to be played for fun!

Will there be a second season of Full Dive?

The final episode of the anime’s first season aired on June 23, 2021. At the time of writing, no anime-related companies have yet to renew the anime for a second season. We will update this part of our article if there is a renewal in the future. Although there is no official announcement yet, it is possible to speculate about a new season. Anime productions get new season approvals as a result of the evaluation of some main factors. Light novel source material adequacy, popularity, disc sales, etc., factors directly affect the decision. We tried to make predictions about the new season by evaluating these main factors. Let’s take a look together.

The source material: Light Novel

The light novel that the anime is being adapted from is written by Light Tuchihi and illustrated by Youta, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article. The series started broadcasting on August 25, 2020, under Media Factory publishing. It was one of the series that was adapted into anime very soon after the light novel started airing; usually, anime adaptations can be announced years later.

The light novel series has now reached a total of 4 volumes and is still ongoing. (The last volume has been released on July 21, 2021.) The first 2 volumes of the light novel series and a short part from the 3rd volume were adapted in the first season of the anime. Only one remaining volume has not yet been used for the anime. Sufficient source material for a new season is not yet available. Since the light novel series continues, there may be sufficient source material in the future, but the lack of sufficient source material yet and the fact that the 4th volume has just been released makes the possibilities for a new season in the near future impossible. However, the light novel author announces that the parts that are not adapted are as exciting as in the anime.

Full dive light novel

L/N adaptation rate

Disc sales and the popularity

Disc sales are of great importance for anime that are not exclusively distributed by a large company and do not have additional income, such as smartphone games. Full Dive doesn’t have any of these either. Full Dive BluRay disc sales were released on June 30, 2021, but failed to achieve any significant sales. Disc sales are also an indicator of popularity in Japan. From this point of view, the possibility of a new season of the anime is low.

The popularity of the anime also directly affects the decision of the new season. However, when we look at it, we see that about 30 thousand people follow the anime on Twitter. Although there is a normal number of followers for newly released anime, an anime needs much more than that to have a new season because very few of the hundreds of anime released every year are renewed for the new season.

Full Dive ratings were below average. (IMDb: 6.4 – Myanimelist: 6.5). Also, anime ranks 1175th in popularity on Myanimelist, which is low for an anime targeting a new season. The popularity score of the anime in our anime list is 61.6%. As a result, a new season of the anime is very unlikely. Unfortunately, we cannot see a strong search volume for anime in Google searches either.

Popularity on Myanimelist
Success in Disc Sales
Following on Twitter
Search volume on Google

Possible release date of the second season

Although the popularity factor complicates the possibilities of the new season of the anime, there is still a possibility of a new season as long as the light novel provides sufficient source material. The anime world is full of surprises. Even with a low probability, we can say that we can see a new season of the anime somewhere around 2024, considering the source material completion, renewal, and production times. However, keep in mind that this probability is very low, and it is just speculation. If you are very curious about the continuation of the story, we recommend you to read the light novel. Those looking for a similar type of anime can take a look at Gamers! and Record of Grancrest War.

Full Dive
The picture from @Funimation / YouTube – Trailer