Forspoken (Project Athia) Release Date, PS5, Gameplay Details

Forspoken, which was known as Project Athia before, is an action role-playing video game. This super exciting action-adventure game that is in development by Square Enix‘s Luminous Productions will be the first stand-alone game from Luminous Productions. If you need some thrill in your life, you need to hold your breath just a little longer because Forspoken will be released sometime in 2022 for Microsoft Windows and PS5. The exact date is uncertain, but it can be possible to know the date before the end of 2021. Unfortunately, in June 2020, Game Director Takeshi Aramaki (FF15’s lead programmer) stated that the game would not be available on PS4 because Forspoken was completely designed for PS5. At least after 24 months, the console exclusivity ends on PS5; even it is not clear yet, the game might be available on other consoles as well. If you are ready for the open-world adventure, let’s look at all the details you need to know about Forspoken!

The Story Details and Trailer of Forspoken (Project Athia)

Square Enix defined Forspoken as “a narrative-driven adventure”. In a PlayStation Blog post, Takeshi Aramaki described the main character Frey Holland (Ella Balinska) as a young woman who will need to survive in an extremely dangerous and, at the same time a fantastical land which is called Athia. Also, Frey will need to learn magical abilities and harness them to survive, as Aramaki said.

Luckily, there is quite new information about the game and its lead character in the latest trailer. There comes a scene that shows the mysterious land of Athia while Frey is trying to escape from the dragon. There are also other monsters like dangerous fiery wolves and other fantastical beasts besides the dragon. Unfortunately, there is no other information about the main character that we can reach on trailers, but it can be easily understood that Frey is a stranger in this mysterious land Athia.

The Picture from Trailer © Square Enix

For the people who want to watch the trailer, there are two different trailers of Forspoken that you can reach on YouTube. Of course, it is impossible to discover the whole story of the game, but it shows short scenes that players can estimate the gameplay and the story of Forspoken. Besides, FF15 and Forspoken are not related to each other, but in the game’s latest trailer, there are some similarities between those games as well. It is easy to understand that Forspoken will have amazing features that people who will play the game can be impressed with.

What do we know about gameplay?

Here’s the most attractive part of the game for players! Even though the expected features have not been confirmed yet, there are some details about the gameplay of Forspoken. According to Square Enix’s statement, we know that Forspoken was completely designed for PS5. Besides, Square Enix adds to the statement that the new console’s features and using the power to create a game will look like a truly next-generation experience. When considering these statements we can look forward to Forspoken supporting the DualSense controller. Thus, the game can be more thrilling by using adaptive triggers and tactile feedback. Features are one of the most important things especially on console games, so it shows the game is designed for providing the best satisfaction for the players in Forspoken’s fantastic world. Besides that Forspoken also is expected to have 4K and higher frame rates that might be 120fps.

Is Forspoken (Project Athia) an open-world game?

In August 2020, Yosuke Matsuda (the president of Square Enix) stated that Forspoken is going to be an open-world game in an interview, but we already can understand that in the trailer as well. As mentioned before, we do not have much information about the gameplay of Forspoken, but at least some of the scenes on the trailer can help us to catch more details about it. Frey’s main character has amazing movements, long jumps that look extremely fast, and it can be one of the most exciting parts of the game for Forspoken players and gives more information about the character itself. Under her shoes, there might be a mysterious power as she can keep the power while jumping. Frey looks desperate when she saw the dragon, but it seems she will be able to find her power and magical abilities to survive and fight with the monsters.

That’s what we know about the gameplay, the story, and the character itself so far; even if there is limited information about the game, we can still understand the structure of Forspoken. Although we are not able to play the breathtaking game right now, the teaser trailer is still enough to get excited! Keep following the upcoming news about Forspoken!

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