Firmament (Game) Release date, Trailer, All you need to know

Firmament is a fantasy adventure game in development by Cyan Worlds. The game, which is currently being developed as self-published, has not yet been heard worldwide, but it seems that it can achieve this with what it promises. Those who notice the game are curious about the release date and gameplay details. In our article, we have included all the details known about the game so far. Cyan World, Inc. announced the game on March 1, 2018. The game, offered with a new VR experience slogan, will also be playable on standard screens. Like on the latest game, Obduction, The developer company held its fundraising action for Firmament on March 26, 2019, on Kickstarter. The project, which was realized by collecting $ 1,433,161, will be playable on many platforms.

Who is Cyan Worlds? What have they done before?

The old game company was founded in 1987 by Rand Miller & Robyn Miller. In the 2000s, the company that developed games such as Myst V, Uru series with Ubisoft publishing developed the latest Obduction. The game, released by self-publishing, managed to get good votes from the critics. Obduction was also an adventure game like Firmament. You can watch the gameplay details of Obduction here.


What are the technical & gameplay details of Firmament?

Firmament will be playable on PC, Rift, Vive, Index, macOS, and PS4 / PSVR platforms. The VR-based game aims to maximize the interaction of players with the virtual world. The game, which will take place in a mystical atmosphere, will impress the player with its graphics. Clockwork will accompany you in the game, which is colored with puzzles. Throughout the fantastic journey, this clockwork will become your functional assistant. The game generally has an eclectic, quizzical feel. Let’s watch the trailer of the game.

Although the trailer does not yet contain gameplay, the atmosphere and graphics look quite satisfying for a VR game. The trailer is from 2018. Considering today’s conditions, we think that the game will not experience a downgrade, and even it can be released with better graphics.

What is the story and plotline of the Firmament?


There is not much detail about the story of the game so far. The game’s story, which will be like atmosphere and adventure games, will begin in a cave covered with ice. You will then go on an adventure in a mystical environment. The gaming company describes this adventure as “tremendous and unexpected.”

When will the game be released?

Another of the most curious issues is the game’s release date. The game, which is still in the pre-development phase, has a planned release period, although it is not certain. Unfortunately, Cyan World will not be able to release the game next year. The scheduled date for the game’s release date is 2022. We expect the game to be released in the summer, just like the company’s previous game.

We will share new details with you as they come.

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