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Filthy Rich Season 2 Release date (FOX, Hulu) Cancelled or?

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Another of the TV series FOX released this year was Filthy Rich. The American drama created by Tate Taylor was released to the audience on September 21, 2020. The series, which was also broadcast on Hulu TV, had the opportunity to gain viewers from all over the world thanks to the platforms on which it was broadcast. So did Filthy Rich take this opportunity? Fans are wondering if there will be a second season right now. What will the story details be for a possible second season, what is the renewal status of the series? Kim Cattrall, whom we know as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, returned to the screens with a new series after a long break. The production is an adaptation of the series of the same name that aired in New Zealand between 2016-2017. Originally ordered to air during the Spring 2020 season in May 2019, the production was delayed and premiered on September 21 due to the pandemic. Described as “a gothic family drama in which wealth, power and religion collide at the expense of quite dramatic results”, Filthy Rich is about a mega-wealthy Southern family who earns money from a Christian television channel. The drama also stars Aubrey Dollar (Battle Creek), Corey Cott (The Good Fight), Mark L. Young (The Comeback), and David Denman (The Office).

What are the fans’ expectations for season 2 of Filthy Rich?

Meet a new series that describes the adventures of three illegitimate children in the most fun, dramatic, and exciting way: Filthy Rich. We really liked both the general Filthy Rich plot and the sub-stories of the series. The fans will have loved it so much that the predictions for Filthy Rich season 2 have already begun:

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1. What will be the future of these children who say they inherited from John Truebridge?
2. With the death of John Truebridge, what kind of processes will these lucky kids get into?

That is why we love chaos! There was a lot of laughter and fun in the first season of the series. The fun adventures of the children, who suddenly learned that they could have a very high rate of fortune, locked all the audience on the screen. McRaney dies in a plane crash just before his company takes a major venture with its digital retail sales field. Later, many jobs in his company are left to his wife.

In fact, his wife seems to be able to handle these jobs: because there is great wealth behind them, and of course, because of the love she feels. But three illegitimate children who appear later change all the balances at once. These children not only give Margaret the burden of deceit, but Margaret confronts a great truth: she has to share the legacy of her husband. The events that took place within the framework of all these facts and the complex internal showdowns that everyone entered within themselves made the first season of the series quite exciting and enjoyable.

In the second season of the series, it is thought that the plot will continue with the same excitement and joy.
Andrew Shaw, who himself could be described as TVNZ’s general manager of commissioning, was extremely promising about Filthy Rich season 2. Shaw hinted that the channel welcomes Filthy Rich season 2 work. In the statement, it was said that the series has a bold and exciting feature and therefore it may be proud for everyone to take viewers on this journey in other seasons.

Will there be a second season of Filthy Rich?

The second season renewal of the series has become clear. Unfortunately, FOX did not renew the series for the second season and cancelled it not to air again. The cancellation decision came before the first season was over. The low ratings of the series and the criticism are considered the reason for the cancellation. The series currently has a score of 5.9 on IMDb. A second season of the series may only be possible with the acquisition of broadcasting rights by another channel, but this possibility seems close to zero.

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