Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 2 Release date on Freeform

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is an American comedy television series created by Josh Thomas and premiered on Freeform. The series, which appeared before the audience with the first episode “Seven-Spotted Ladybug” on Freeform on January 16, 2020, released 10 episodes in total and made the season finale on March 12, 2020 with the episode “Discoid Cockroaches”. Fans have some questions in mind, will there be season 2 and when will it air?

What is the show about, how did it start?

A surprise awaits Nicholas when he visits his family to their Los Angeles home. It was learned that Nicholas’s father, whose mother had already died, was also on his deathbed. Her father requested him to be protector of his sisters, Genevieve and Matilda.


Criticisms for the series are good, but he has not yet reached the ratings he wants. The directory has an acceptable score of 7.2 on IMDb. Let’s see if season 2 will be able to take the series to the next level.

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Will there be a 2rd season of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay?

The news are good for the fans of the EGBO! As you can see in the tweet below, according to the news shared on the official twitter account, the series has been renewed for the 2nd season. Before the drama was officially confirmed for the second season, the season 2 signals were given by Josh Tomas. A renewal confirmation was already waiting and there is no sad surprise.

What do we expect from season 2? What will be plot line?

Surely, the second season will be the continuation of the final episode of the first season. It will be focusing on the adventures of Matilda in the university. Being a special kid, it will be really interesting for us to watch her struggling far away from her home and family. As we did it the same way in the first season, we know that we will be watching it with a huge smile on our face and a melting-feeling in our hearts. We are excited about Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 2.

Everything's Gonna Be Okay

Josh Thomas, who is a comedian from Australia states that he likes everything about the cast, crew, characters, and the storyline of the show and can’t wait for the second season to meet the expecting audience. One can say if a job is done by love, as we can see it clearly from this spectacle show. The original characters and the can-happen-to-all-of-us storyline makes us hope. We will feel so alive watching and experiencing it.

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When will Everything’s Gonna Be Okay season 2 start airing?

As we can see from the original announcement of the series, the series will return in 2021. Guessing can be made to give a sharper date. The last season of the series was broadcast in January. We expect season 2 to air in the winter of 2021.

Wo will be in the cast of season 2?

We do not expect a radical change in the cast of the second season. The actors we are used to seeing are ready for season 2. Josh Thomas as Nicholas, Kayla Cromer as Matilda, Adam Faison as Alex, Maeve Press as Genevieve will be on the screen.

Is there a released trailer for season 2 of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay?

No trailer has yet been released to satisfy fans for season 2. We will share it with you when it is published.

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