Elden Ring Release Date, All Known So Far, Plot, PS4/5, Xbox

Are you all waiting for the RPG game that brought George R.R Martin and FromSoftware together? In this article, we will be talking about Elden Ring and its possible release date. First of all, we did not get any new information about Elden Ring until recently. We came up with this idea through the tweet of the famous game journalist Jason Schreier. This statement tells us we will see Elden Ring soon. There will not be any delays anymore. From this point, we can reach the conclusion that Elden Ring will be with us sooner than we expected.

What We Know About Elden Ring

elden ring Jason Schreier
Jason Schreier’s Mentioned Tweet

Even if we have limited information that is based on the statements of the CEO of FromSoftware and other reliable people, it does not reduce our excitement at all. In fact, our excitement gets more and more every day. Here are some facts we know about the Elder Ring.

It will be an open-world game

According to the statement of the CEO of FromSoftware, Hidetaka Miyazaki, Elden Ring will be an open-world game. It means that there will be a virtual world and characters will possibly be based on the level system.

Works Of Hidetaka Miyazaki

We know Hidetaka Miyazaki from his important works like the Souls series, Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In this game, we are expecting to see his best work ever. Also, Miyazaki is answering the question about the meaning of Elden Ring, he says that it actually means a circle, not a ring. And he confesses that this game has been particularly inspired by the Lord of The Rings.

Style of the George R.R.Martin

We know George R.R Martin from his important work Game of Thrones. If we come up with that work, we might expect that the game becomes very dark and has many unexpected facts. Well, we are here for it! As long as it satisfies our expectations, it is not important how dark the game is. Also, with his amazing talent, we have no doubts about the quality of this game.

Statement of the Xbox Leader Phil Spencer

In his statement, Phil Spencer said that he played Elden Ring a little bit, and he added about Elden Ring as the “Miyazaki Expanding His Horizons” As we know the qualities of Miyazaki’s games, we can say that this statement doubled our excitement.

Which platforms will the game be for?

We will be able to experience this amazing game from the Xbox One/Series, PlayStation 4/5, Microsoft Windows. Through this, Elden Ring will be open to huge possible players. Can this game beat the record? We do not know, and we will all wait and see. But if you ask us, it is highly possible.

All the things we saw on the trailer

Well, to be honest, there is not too much. We almost see anything about the playing experience of the game. But the trailers that were published in 2019 give us some content information too.  Also, as one benefit of the trailer, we are fascinated by the visual effects. We know we see many developments in the visuality sector in our age, but Elden Ring seems like it crossed all the borders.

Conclusion and the Release Date

For all the reasons above, Elden Ring is a game that worth waiting for for a long time. The fact that we will not be waiting for a long time actually exciting; it keeps our expectations fresh. Even from the short trailer, we can see that this game will present us a visual satisfaction. It will be more than just an RPG game, and it will feel like we are in an interactive George R.R novel.

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Also, even if the developers of the game and high-status producers says that they want for us to experience the game while playing, they do not think to turn Elden Ring into a show or movie for now, but if we look at the recent games, it is possible to see this game on the tv screen or a streaming platforms in the future. If we come back to our main question, let’s talk more about predictions about the release date of Elden Ring.

Here is the important question that you all have been waiting for, when can we play Elden Ring? Well, it is hard to say an exact date. But there are big expectations about Elden Ring being shown at the event that Microsoft organized on March 23. In this event, Microsoft will present new games. We think there is a high possibility that Elden Ring might be one of them. According to Amazon’s expectation, the game will be on sale at the end of 2021. As soon as we experience the amazing adventure of Elden Ring, we will be sharing with you our impressions as well. We know that your expectations are high, well, ours too. We hope that Elden Ring will be able to satisfy all the expectations we have.

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