Dying Light 2 Release date, Gameplay trailer, PS4, Xbox, PC

We have compiled all the known about the release date and gameplay details, platforms, of the Dying Light 2 game, which action RPG and zombie game lovers are eagerly waiting for. Those who are excitedly waiting for the game have to wait a while longer.

Dying Light 2, which was announced at E3 2018 long ago and has been eagerly awaited by gamers until today, is known as a zombie game in the Action RPG genre. In fact, when we look at the story of the game, it also gives a bit of The Walking Dead atmosphere. The game features battles between different factions, battles against zombies and a great survival battle.

dying light 2

Which platforms will Dying Light 2 be on?

Dying Light 2 will be released for PS4, Xbox One and Windows (PC) platforms. Considering the release dates, the game will probably be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X as well. There is no clear information about the price of the game yet.

Has a trailer of the game been published?

dying light 2

Yes, a satisfying trailer was released.. With the trailer published in the E3 2018 announcement, the game was officially announced. You can see the game atmosphere in the trailer, there is also a 3-minute gameplay part. In addition, as far as we can see from the trailer, the game has covered a good distance during the production phase. Also, you are able to watch the trailer in 15 different languages.

DYING LIGHT 2 Official Trailer (2019) E3 2018 Game HD

What is the story of the Dying Light 2?

The game is about 15 years after the virus epidemic spread. There is only one large settlement that survived the great struggle in this process. There are different groups, thieves and bandits in this wicked world. The life is too tough for those who struggle to survive and hide from zombies at night. In the Dying Light 2 universe, zombies take to the streets at night and hunt people.

dying light 2

The character we play is called Aiden Caldwell. The plagued Aiden has extraordinary abilities and fighting abilities stronger than a human. This makes him a valuable person in the world and someone you would want to be together with him. With a fearless and wild character, we find ourselves struggling to survive in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. In the game, we are actually trying to change the order in the city.

In the E3 2019 trailer of the game, our character accompanies us as the presenter and talks about himself.

Dying Light 2 Official 4K Gameplay Trailer – E3 2019

Will your decisions determine the fate of a city in Dying Light 2?

In the universe of the game, we live in a dark world and the people are divided into groups. The decisions we make really determine the fate of the last large settlement. There will be moments in the story of the game where we have to make many decisions. The decisions we make at these moments will directly affect both the story and the city. Therefore, we will have to make careful decisions.

For anyone who played the first game, forget all you know about the game mechanics. Because we can say that brand new mechanics and fighting skills are waiting for you. To give an example of these, you should be more careful in the streets or houses you are walking around. Because the floors you step on have been made sensitive to your weight. Apart from that, additions were made to the environment to help in the fights.

Dying Light 2 RPG

Techland, the producer of the game, announced that they will continue to innovate and make the game better until the release date. The mechanics that we can get support while wandering the streets with our character have been increased. For example, we will be able to easily jump from long walls or hide on a lawn. It seems that more innovations will come until the release date of the game.

How will be the map of the Dying Light 2?

Major changes were made to the map of the game. According to the information announced, the map of the second game will be four times the size of the original game. This means that it will bring us a lot of areas and stories to explore. The first game was set in the fictional Turkish city of Harran. We will go a little further west for the map of the new game and meet brand-new regions. There will be 7 different regions in the game.

Dying Light 2

Although the dark areas are scary in the first game, with the second game it becomes really terrifying. Entering these areas where zombies are hiding from the sunlight, will take great courage and it will be difficult. If you enter here and survive, of course, great prizes will be waiting for you.

Will we be able to drive the cars in the game?

Another innovation will be in the vehicles in the game. Cars were seen in the gameplay videos of the game. In a trailer, we see our character being forced into a car. Some Dying Light fans commented that we can drive a car with the new game. No clear information was shared on this issue, but when we look at the game videos, this is not a remote possibility.

Will there be DLCs for the Dying Light 2 like the first game?

DLCs ​​are no strangers to Dying Light fans. Techland officials also confirmed that they started working on DLCs even before the game appeared. These additional packs will be sold immediately if the game comes out. A 4-year content plan is being made for DLCs. So after purchasing the games, players will be able to purchase additional quests or stories for four years.

No statement has yet been made about the DLC plan. So there is no information about what kind of additions will be made to the game. However, when we look at the DLC packages for the first game, we can say that a big expansion update is waiting for us in the future. So when you finish the game, you can continue to play with new missions and the group. More clear information on this subject will be announced.

Will there be a Multiplayer mode in the game?

You can fight for survival with your friends in Dying Light 2. The game can be played in multiplayer, but can be played in a total of four players. You can create new trade opportunities in the games you play with your friends and manage a city completely. The RPG feature of the game will be in multiplayer mode as well, your decisions will affect the fate of the story.

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When is the Dying Light 2 coming out, what is the release date?

At the beginning of January, postponement news was published on the official Twitter page of the game.

Dying Light 2 delayed

The game’s release date has been delayed for a long time. Techland, the producer of the game, states that they want to make a better game and continue to update. The release date of this game on Steam has not been announced yet. It does not make sense to wait for the game in 2020 after the postponement news, Spring 2021 might be a logical date for the game’s release date.

Dying Light 2 may upset players a little on the price. When we look at the trailer and the gameplay video, we can say that a very high-quality game awaits us. Along with the advanced game engine and mechanics, a high-level universe and story await us. We don’t expect that such a worked game would be cheap. Let’s just say hope it’s not expensive enough.

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  1. I am not interested anymore as it will not touch the story of kyle crane and take place in the fictional city of Harran.

  2. I think they gave more weight to the platform part. I didn’t like the fact that in the first game there was a little too much commitment to the story and the feeling of openworld-survival that didn’t give enough. I played 35 hours the game I don’t like it.

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