Dragon’s Dogma Season 2 Release date Netflix, Renewal, Plot

Dragon’s Dogma is a dark fantasy anime released on Netflix in 2020. Prepared by the Sublimation studio, the production was presented to Netflix in 7 episodes on September 17th. The anime, not a manga adaptation, but a game adaptation, was loved more by the audience who played the game. Nevertheless, the fact that it is streaming on the Netflix platform has made it available worldwide. Fans of the anime wonder if there will be a second season. We will examine all the details of the second season.

What was the Anime: Dragon’s Dogma about?

Dragon’s Dogma was first published by the famous Japanese game company Capcom in 2012 with the same name. As the name suggests, it is about the adventurous events after the rebirth of a legendary dragon. Because it is RPG-based, you adapt to this world, interact with the characters, and bear the consequences of your choices. The system presented at the beginning of the character modeling phase is extremely detailed. As you fulfill the tasks given to you, you have to fight and destroy the enemies, and as you can imagine, it is not easy to defeat the dragons attacking you from the air. As you progress over time, as in similar games, you can acquire other abilities and try different tactics. We want to point out to those who watch anime that its game is more liked.

dragon's dogma

The story of the series also mostly goes parallel to the game. Ethan embarks on a journey to catch the dragon that destroyed his house and finish it. A pawn that suddenly appears next to him serves him to protect his life. But the dangers that await Ethan are far greater than he can imagine. After all, if you are fighting a monster, you can turn into a monster too.

When is the release date of the second season?

After the first season of the series, fans have only one question in mind, will there be a second season of the series? As of October 2020, no renewals for the new season of the series came from Netflix. Usually, anime series use previously prepared scripts as source material. Our resource material here is not a manga but a game. The absence of an ongoing manga and the game’s general lines adapted to the first season of the anime makes the possibility of a second season difficult.

However, it’s still not the time to be pessimistic. The show has yet to receive a cancellation notice. There is plenty of time for the renewal announcement due to the season that has just been released, we can see a new season in winter 2021 with a renewal announcement coming soon, but everything is a possibility for now.

What we expect from season 2 of Dragon’s Dogma

The last episode of the series was not satisfactory for many people. There are comments on the possible second season of the series, which made an open-ended ending. On the Reddit platform, a user evaluated the directory’s sequel scenario in 3 different items, and we think these seem the most logical.

  • Time flows like normal, and the story takes place after the events of Ethan’s journey. Ethan is the dragon antagonist for our new pawn, who is also aided by Hanna. The cult of salvation or the duke and his court would be the second antagonist along with some of the monsters we have yet to see. The endings we get are either become the duke or live the life of a lie.
  • The parallel loop exists. Dragon Ethan is born in another world that is identical to his. There’s a new pawn. Hanna, who’s been roaming Ethan’s world for an unspecified amount of time, is summoned via the rift. To aid the new protagonists. The cult of salvation or the duke and his court would be the second antagonist along with some of the monsters we have yet to see. The endings we get are either become the duke or live the life of a lie.
  • Endless lifetimes have come to pass. Ethan is most likely long gone. Hanna may or may not be in the picture. There’s a new arisen/pawn. The cult of salvation and the duke + his court would be the second antagonists, along with some of the monsters we have yet to see. We get the ending with the seneschal.

In the final fight, Hanna gives Ethan what is the godsbane blade. I don’t think that was just an easter egg. The way the reveal happened was too upfront. Which is why I think we will get the seneschal eventually. However, it would depend on how many episodes season 2 has at the end of the day. I also hope that season 2 introduces wakestones, and gives more backstory for the pawns. (WoodenPersonality974)