Dragon Age 4: The Dread Wolf Rises Release Date – Gameplay

Players continue their curiosity about when the new game of Dragon Age will be released. We will share with you the known details about the new game Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises, developed by Bioware.

Bioware, which cannot give what is expected for Anthem, is thought to have taken the necessary lesson and may will not disappoint players with the next game Dragon Age.

By the way, it is worth noting that the name of the game is still unknown, and The Dread Wolf Rises is just an slogan from the trailer which is showed during The Game Awards ‘2018.

Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises First Trailer ‘2018

Dragon Age Official Teaser Trailer – 2018 Game Awards on YouTube

We hear the sound of Solas in the video, we can predict that the new Dragon Age will have something to do with Inquisition, since Dread Wolf is also involved.

EA also featured in-game frames in EA Play broadcast June 2020. In the video, you can see the in-game details between 45:30 – 45:43.

EA Play Live June 2020 on YouTube

During the live broadcast event, where EA provided a quick overview of its new generation projects, images of the new Dragon Age game developed by BioWare were featured. The images feature dark and uncertain environments, while the red crystals we know from the series include the Red Lyrium. Red Lyrium is thought to play a critical role in the new game as in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

At the time of the promotional video, mentioned that “BioWare dreams and creates worlds where you are the hero of the story. We use the next generation technology to create these fantastic worlds.” EA and BioWare did not explain more about the game. Although it is said that the game will take place in Tevinter Imperium, what has been shown so far does not confirm this.

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Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises Release Date

EA’s chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, announced last year that the game will likely arrive in 2022. So predictions show that we won’t be able to see Dragon Age 4 before April 2022, the beginning of the 2022 fiscal year. Although it has been confirmed that the game has been developed for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, it is expected to come to the current generation consoles as well.

Show the countdown timer to see how long is left

DRAGON AGE 4 will be released after

Not official, but best estemination according to our analyze. Keep following to don’t miss updates. (Last update: 5th July 2020)

Which platforms does support the new Dragon Age game?

It is expected to meet with players on PC, Xbox and playstation platforms. It may not the situation will be different from previous games of the series. It is also expected to be supported for PS5 and PS4.

Previous games and scores:

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition // Year: 2014, Metascore: 89, User Score: 7.4 (Developer: Bioware)
  • Dragon Age II // Year: 2011, Metascore: 82, User Score: 4.6 (Developer: Bioware)
  • Dragon Age: Origins // Year: 2009, Metascore: 91, User Score: 8.7 (Developer: Bioware)

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