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Dororo Season 2 Release Date, All You Need to Know So Far!

Dororo is one of the most popular anime series of recent years in the dark fantasy genre. The anime was originally inspired by a pretty old manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. Although many anime lovers know the anime with its 2019 version, one of the first productions in the anime genre was the Dororo series in 1969 with its old version. However, what is mentioned in our article is the 24-episode Amazon Prime‘s anime that was released in 2019. Dororo was created by MAPPA Studio, one of the largest anime companies in Japan. MAPPA is also the creator of popular anime such as The God of High School and Jujutsu Kaisen, released in 2020. Thanks to Amazon, the series found viewers between January 7, 2019, and June 24, 2019, worldwide. The anime took a break from the series after a successful first season. Now the fans are wondering if the series will have a second season.  So, has Amazon renewed the series for another season? Let’s start by remembering the series and see what we know about the next season so far.

Dororo Season 2 Plotline

A samurai master sacrificed the organs of his newborn son to 12 demons for the battlefront’s supremacy. Still, this abandoned baby manages to survive thanks to a doctor. Deciding to hunt many demons to get his body back in one piece, the young hero encounters an orphan who is said to be Japan’s greatest thief during his journey.

The expectations for the second season are quite high. The first season has left a huge mystery behind to be solved in the second season. How will the character’s fate change? Will Dororo and Hyakkimaru reunite again? And, how will the characters come to life?

First of all, Hyakkimaru was right. Hyakkimaru said that they would meet again. Somehow it will happen. Maybe not in the same body functions, but we are sure that Dororo and Hyakkimaru will meet again, just like Hyakkimaru claimed. In the last episode of Dororo, there was a scene in which Hyakkimaru, a young man, stood and smiled at Dororo in front of a beautifully grown Dororo running in a golden background reminiscent of Inaho. Considering this scene, it seems that the two will meet again. In the narration that flowed at the ending, Biwamaru’s thoughts were stated, “The destinations of those two are not all bloody.” The remarks made by Biwamaru, who had advised Hyakkimaru and Dororo, is a good guide from a neutral standpoint, and it was a narration that made us think that Hyakkimaru and Dororo have a bright future even in the world of war.

In the second season, Hyakkimaru’s reason for his journey will gain more importance in their relationship. Dororo will be a beautiful young woman excited for this meeting after so many years of waiting. Their special connection between their souls is like an invisible key, which will get season 2 richer. We will be able to observe their relationship more closely.

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However, as there is light in the darkness, there is also darkness in the light. The past was full of lights, revenge, and confrontations. But, they do not mean to be over. In season 2, some unexpected characters will be involved and bring some changes. Even Dororo seems to be affected by those changes. So it is a common thought for season 2 that Dororo may act demonically. The actions will determine Hyakkimaru and Dororo’s behaviors. In season 2, we are ready to see the changes in the years that these two characters spent apart. The wounds that Hyakkimaru left open behind will start to bleed with season 2. He may choose light and forgiveness instead of killing. But there will be some consequences. Some gripping adventures are waiting for Dororo and Hyakkimaru, among many other characters in Dororo season 2.

Will there be a second season of Dororo?

The series aired from January 7 to June 24, 2019. At the time of writing, as of September 5, 2022, neither studio MAPPA nor Amazon has not yet renewed the series for a second season. We were monitoring the news about the anime for a long time but there is no statement from official channels about a new season. For now, we can only speculate as to whether the series will continue. The chances of a new season of anime are based on two main factors. These are popularity status that provides financial support to broadcast channels and source material adequacy.

The popularity of the series

When we look in terms of popularity, we can say that everything is perfect. Dororo is ranked 116th in Myanimelist in terms of popularity and this ranking is making it one of the most popular anime of recent years, such as the Demon Slayer and Fire Force released in the same period. On the other hand, there are many searches on Google for the anime and the second season. To give a concrete example, anime is currently being searched more than popular anime like Classroom of the Elite or Made in Abyss, and these two anime is already renewed for a new season.

However, we cannot say that Dororo anime is very popular in Japan. Currently, the official Twitter account is followed by 58k people. Although this is an average number of followers for an anime, we know that animes that are renewed for new seasons are usually followed by more than 100k.

Manga (The source material of the anime)

As we mentioned earlier, Dororo is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name written by Osamu Tezuka. The first original manga of the series was published between 1967 and 1969 and consisted of 4 volumes. Satoshi Shiki is now illustrating the old manga in Champion Red magazine with its remake version. However, the manga, which continues to be published today, is just a modernization, and the story flow of Osamu Tezuka, author of the 1967 manga, remains true. Characters have minor appearance changes, but the tone of the anime feels the same as the manga.

It means that the series’s source material is limited, and the manga is not ongoing today. Although some parts and characters were skipped while adapting to the anime, almost the entire manga story was used and there is not enough source material for a new season. A second season of the series is unlikely for us. However, the ratings of the series were pretty good, and the fanbase is still alive. We can see a spin-off series in 2023 – 2024 if we get a renewal announcement from the creators. Stay tuned.