dorohedoro season 2 release date

Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Netflix Confirmed?

Dorohedoro is a beloved anime series prepared by studio MAPPA and published on Netflix. Dorohedoro is another of the studio’s beloved anime, such as Banana Fish and Dororo. Netflix published the anime in May 2020. It quickly gained a great fanbase. After its successful first season, the series’s fans have started to wonder about season 2 detail. Now they are asking for 2nd season of Dorohedoro. So, will there be a second season, the plotline, and when will it air? The series, which has good ratings, has 12 episodes that have been published so far and managed to get an above-average score of 8.1 on IMDb. When we examine the audience’s comments, we can say that the anime is one of the successful anime released last year. Let’s start with the new season expectations of the series.

What will be the Dorohedoro Season 2 Plotline?

The series takes place in a world called Hole. There live humans and Magic-Users. Magic-Users kill of disfigure Hole residents and terrorize the streets of Hole. It is a very violent world, and residents fear their lives every day. Caiman is the main character; he was human before being disfigured by Magic-Users and becoming amnesiac. His face is disfigured into a reptilian. The series is about him searching for his past because he does not remember anything from his past. He has his partner Nikaido. They together question other Magic-Users before killing them to learn about his history.


Season 2 will bring many new challenges to Caiman as he will get closer to his past. Magic-Users will get even more furious because Caiman and Nikaido will continue to kill Magic Users to learn about his past and take his revenge from them. Not only Caiman but also Nikaido will get in great trouble as his partner in crime. Many new enemies will emerge to make his plan more difficult for Caiman. But his ambition to find out about his past life will not lessen one bit. Fans are wondering if Caiman will meet new people who will help him search for justice and be able to do it this season.

Will there be a second season of Dorehodoro?

Last update on April 27, 2021:

  • At the time of writing on April 2021, Neither Netflix nor MAPPA has yet renewed the series for a second season. The series was listed in the best Netflix anime list of 2020. On the other hand, the series was nominated for the 2021 5th Crunchyroll Anime Awards. The possibility of renewal for the new season is quite high. We will update it again in the coming days.

There is not yet an official renewal of a new season, but Yuichiro Hayashi, the director of the series, said he would make the season 2 possible if the first season is successful. As the anime continues far longer than the first season’s topics, a second season of the series will probably be released sooner or later than expected.

So how about manga? There are other details that strengthen the possibility of the 2nd season. The manga written by Q Hayashida is now complete. However, there is still enough source material to keep the anime going for another season. It even seems enough for Season 3. The manga currently consists of 23 volumes published between November 30, 2000, and September 12, 2018, and 8 of these 23 volumes were sources for the first season.

Another parameter is the ratings. As we said before, the series’s reviews and television ratings are quite good and the popularity score is 81,9%. We think it is inevitable that the series will have a new season. If the series gets a renewal in the near term, it can release summer 2021.

For an anime to be approved for the new season, the production is expected to bring profit and sell at least 4,000 DVDs and BluRays. Disc sales of the anime were below expectations. It sold 2781 units, but 2020 was a very tough year in terms of anime disc sales. Although the disc sales are bad, the Netflix factor should not be skipped.

Netflix has an exclusive distribution contract for Dorohedro’s anime. This can be said to be an element that greatly advances the second production. Netflix is famous for investing a lot of money in production. Also, considering that many Netflix exclusive distribution animations such as High Score Girl and Baki have started the second phase production, it is highly possible that it is the second phase of Drohedro.

Is there released a trailer for season 2?

The trailer for the second season has not been released yet, but we think the renewal of the series is near. We can see a trailer with the details of the second season in a few months. For now, we leave you with a loved scene of the series.