Devils Line Season 2 Release date, Hulu Renewal Status, Plot

Devils Line is an anime that was adapted from the manga has the same name. It is a beloved dark fantasy anime that is about vampires and humans living together. The series, originally broadcast on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto, also published on HULU TV and gained a strong audience worldwide. Two years after the first season aired, fans are still curious about a possible second season. So, will there be a second season of Devils Line? What will be the plotline, and when is the release date? The series was broadcast between April 7, 2018, and June 23. Following its last episode, an OVA episode aired in August 2018. According to IMDb data, it has an average score of 6.8 but has a strong fan base worldwide. Let’s remember the series before moving on to the details of the next season.

Devils Line story and Season 2 Plot

Anzai is the main character. He is a hybrid of vampire and human and a detective agent who rescues human Tsukasa from a vampire attack. They hook up, but Anzai is a vampire hybrid trying to stay away from drinking human blood, and Tsukasa’s blood lures him to her and tries not to give in to the temptation.

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As the manga is still continuing, we know that Anzai and Tsukasa broke up, and they will try to stay away from each other. Tsukasa will try to forget him, but she will not be able to love him deeply. Anzai, not being a detective anymore, will face the consequences of his past operations on vampires. He will encounter a vampire from before, who attacked Tsukasa, and he will make Anzai question himself and his motives in life. Anzai will learn more about his transformations to his vampire form and realize that it is not blood that triggers him.

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Anzai will learn more and more about being a vampire and other strange cases like him. But the people from his past of being a detective that chased down vampires will not leave him alone in the next season. While trying to stay away from Tsukasa to protect her, he will also deal with vampires that try to take him down as revenge. All the while, his love for Tsukasa will grow. While these are happening, some politics will also be introduced to the show and make things exciting. Stay tuned for the new season.

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Will there be a second season of Devils’ Line?

The subject that fans are most curious about is, is the series confirmed for the second season? Unfortunately, we cannot give good news. Series creator Platinum Vision did not give the green light for the second season. There has been no cancellation or renewal yet for the second season from broadcasters. In this case, we have investigated some rumors for you and evaluated the next season’s possibilities.

First, let’s examine the source material. Because if the manga, which anime generally uses as a source, does not have enough script for a new season, it is impossible to see the second season. However, Devils Line passes the test in this regard. The series has a 14 volume manga that has been published so far and is still ongoing at the time of writing. Only a small portion of this resource material was used for the first season. So there is enough material for a few more seasons. But is it enough to see a second season?

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Unfortunately, the manga is not the only parameter. It is the ratings of the series and financial processes that are more prominent. Devils Line’s shortcomings start here. Unfortunately, the series did not get enough appreciation from the reviews. Although it has a fan base, the series falls short of other anime on Hulu TV worldwide. In terms of ratings, broadcasting a second season of the series will pose a risk for broadcasters. It is very unlikely to see the second season of the series, but the anime world is full of surprises. Depending on a future renewal, we can see the new season of the series in late 2021.

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  1. I would love to see the second season of Devil’s Line. This show is amazing and I want to see if Anzai progress with his adaptation to blood. Even if it comes in late 2021 I would be so elated.

  2. Honestly, I feel like I was a little late to watch the anime but I loved it. I’m a sucker for romance and the fact that it was mixed with drama and adventure is amazing. It’s one of my favorite anime; I mean I cried at the end. I would also love to see Anzai progress and hopefully, he would be able to see Tsukasa again along with the rest of the squad. Other than that I would love a second season and I would recommend it to all my anime loving friends. 😁

  3. I love this show. I watched it in 1 day. That is how much I like it, but I’m sad that there are only 12 episodes. I wish it was longer and would love to see the second season of devil’s line. I hope they make more seasons. It would be awesome, and I would wait as long as I would have to.

  4. I just finished the first season and I swear if this show was on Netflix or any other mainstream place I know it would have more attention. It got me hooked from episode 1 till the end. I really hope season 2 happens because I would love to see this story grow into what we fans already see.

  5. Please, please be a second season of Devil’s Line. I watch the first season over and over, and it was amazing.

  6. Devils Line is literally one of the best animes I have ever seen. I love it! I cried when I saw the second season because it is so so good!

    • Wait, there was a second season? I love this anime, and when I finished it, it felt like a piece of my soul broke cause I cried at the end because I loved it some much that I did not want it to end really hope they make a second season.

  7. I just binge watched this anime, and I cannot believe we’ve been sleeping on it for this long!! This is by far one of the best animes I’ve watched, and I really hope they release a second season! Until then, I’m going to read the manga. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!

    • I really want to see the second season of Devil’s Line. It’s really good, and one of the best anime shows I’ve watched.

  8. I love Devils’ Line so much. I hope they do make a second season, I binge watched it all in one day… 🙂

  9. It was a killer show pun intended, and I know I’m late to the party. Still, if a second season is confirmed, I’d love to see the F squad pull together in a sort of officially unsanctioned undercover task force that goes head to head with obviously the CCC.

  10. I loved Devils Line so much and can’t wait for a second and possibly third seasons just hope the Anzai and Tsukasa finally get to be together, and Anzai gets to be a cop again too.

  11. Please, God of anime… I say this prayer to thee, plz bless the community with the second season of this show; it was an amazing experience, and bless us with the ability to watch anime. amen

  12. Jennifer, you are a live saver. And yes there needs to be a second season.

  13. I love this anime, sad that there is so much of the manga left but no word on a second season.

  14. Please make a second season, it can’t end like that! I need Tsukasa and Anzai to come back together! This anime was so good to be cut too short.

  15. If Devils Line didn’t get enough reaction, it has nothing to do with the anime itself. They clearly didn’t promote it enough. Otherwise, it would’ve blown up. I hate it when Hulu and Netflix do stuff like that. This show deserves a season 2, and if they want better ratings, they’ll need to let people know the show exists.

  16. I love the storyline, but I believe that the second season is necessary to answer the questions that remain. Namely, what becomes of Anzai, and does Tskasa pursue a degree in devil’s, and if so, what line does she take?

    • Yes! I would have to agree the storyline is quite exquisite. Nothing like I’ve seen before. There something to it about Tsukasa, Anzai, and even Lee.

  17. I loved devils line I wish it where more episodes saying this I would love a new season.

  18. I love this anime so much! I just started to watch it to kill time, but man, I finish the anime in less than 24 hours! I would love to see Devil’s Line season 2. I don’t know. There is just something about this anime that I find fond of. It is different from any anime I’ve seen. I wished there were more episodes. As I was watching, when it started to get steamy, OMG!!! I’m a fan of dark fantasy romance everything! I totally feel like this is my kind of anime. I can see that the director of the anime and his or her team work hard in developing this anime. I really appreciate them for putting their amazing work out for people like me to see. I really hope they are seeing this comment right now! If you didn’t get it by now, I really love Devil’s Line, and I hope you keep more episodes! Keep up the good work, everyone who helped make Devil’s Line!

  19. I need a second season. There is no way they can leave it there. I need to know about Anzai’s progress and how the love story takes place once he comes back. It is an amazing show, and I would be ashamed to cancel it.

  20. Omg, by far one of the best dramas I watched in late 2019 the romance and action and vampires. If I don’t get a second season of this amazing drama, I’m going to cry. Hopefully, if Hulu won’t renew it, I hope another will and produce a second season or ever their own version.

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