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Devils Line Season 2 Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

“Devils Line” is an anime that was adapted from a manga that has the same name. It is a beloved dark fantasy anime that is about vampires and humans living together. Originally broadcast on many local networks in Japan such as AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto, the series was also published on Hulu TV in English and gained a strong audience worldwide. The anime was animated by the same studio, Platinum Vision, as another beloved anime, ‘Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life‘. The studio is currently actively working and will appear in the “Love of Kill” anime adaptation in 2022. Two years after the first season aired, fans are still curious about a possible second season of Devils Line. So, will there be a second season? What will be the plotline, and when is the release date? The series was broadcast between April 7, 2018, and June 23. Following its last episode, an OVA episode aired in August 2018. According to IMDb data, it has an average score of 6.8 but has a fan base worldwide. Let’s remember the series before moving on to the details of the next season.

Will there be a second season of Devils’ Line?

The subject that fans are most curious about is, is the series confirmed for the second season? Unfortunately, we cannot give you good news. As of September 3, 2022, the animation studio Platinum Vision, the manga publisher Kodansha or any related company with the anime has not yet renewed the series for a second season. However, there has been no cancellation as well. As there is no official statement so far, we have investigated and speculated about the second season under some knowns.


Let’s examine the source material first. Because if the manga, which anime generally uses as source material, does not have enough script for a new season, it is almost impossible to see the second season. However, Devils Line passes the test in this regard. The series has a 14-volume manga that has been published. (The original manga series is not ongoing anymore and completed its broadcast life on December 22, 2018.) Only a small portion of the manga (6 volumes) is adapted into the anime. So there is enough material for at least a new season. The possibility of the new anime season gradually decreases if the manga was completed. Because there is no living product left about the brand. Fortunately, we have some good news at this point. On January 20, 2022, a sequel manga series “Devils’ Line II: Gyakushū” launched. The new manga series, written and illustrated by Ryo Hanada, the author of the original manga, is published by Kodansha in the same magazine.

Manga adaptation rate


Unfortunately, Devils Line’s manga is not the only parameter. Popularity and financial things are more prominent in this evaluation. Devils Line’s shortcomings start here. Unfortunately, the series did not get enough appreciation from the reviews. Although it has a fan base worldwide, the series falls short of other anime on Hulu TV worldwide. In terms of popularity, broadcasting a second season of the series will pose a risk for broadcasters.

Devils Line is ranked 836th on Myanimelist’s popularity rankings. Although this is an average value, it lags behind other anime that came out in the same period, and we know that MA popularity rankings are always better for older series. When we look at its popularity in Google searches, we see an average search volume. Not bad, but not enough for a second season. Like the other anime, Devils Line has an official Twitter page in Japan, and its follower count generally indicates popularity in Japan. About 20k people follow the anime’s Twitter account. We know that animes that are popular enough for a second season usually have over 100k followers. For example, popular anime like The Promised Neverland or KonoSuba have around 300k followers.

When is the second season of Devils Line?

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation for a second season yet. You can see a summary of our speculation about the second season of Devils Line above. After this evaluation, we think that a new season of the anime is quite difficult. However, the anime was distributed by a huge distributor like Hulu, and there is enough source material for a second season. We may see a new season of the anime in 2023 – 2024, but this probability is nothing more than speculation and is quite unlikely. There are many anime in this genre that you can watch as an alternative, and we recommend two of them: Re-Zero and Attack on Titan.


Devils Line story and Season 2 Plotline

This part contains spoilers about the Devils Line series.

Anzai is the main character. He is a hybrid of vampire and human and a detective agent who rescues human Tsukasa from a vampire attack. They hook up, but Anzai is a vampire hybrid trying to stay away from drinking human blood, and Tsukasa’s blood lures him to her and tries not to give in to the temptation.

As the manga is still continuing, we know that Anzai and Tsukasa broke up, and they will try to stay away from each other. Tsukasa will try to forget him, but she will not be able to love him deeply. Anzai, not being a detective anymore, will face the consequences of his past operations on vampires. He will encounter a vampire from before, who attacked Tsukasa, and he will make Anzai question himself and his motives in life. Anzai will learn more about his transformations to his vampire form and realize that it is not blood that triggers him.

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Anzai will learn more and more about being a vampire and other strange cases like him. But the people from his past of being a detective that chased down vampires will not leave him alone in the next season. While trying to stay away from Tsukasa to protect her, he will also deal with vampires that try to take him down as revenge. All the while, his love for Tsukasa will grow. While these are happening, some politics will also be introduced to the show and make things exciting. Stay tuned for the new season.