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Demon Slayer Season 3 Release Date, Renewed, First Trailer!

2019 was a special year when many successful anime productions first aired before the pandemic. A record-breaking adventure and dark fantasy anime also met with the audience in this special year. Yes, the anime we are talking about is none other than Demon Slayer. Although most fans know the series by its anime, its manga is as popular as the anime. So much so that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is among the top 10 best-selling manga of all time. The anime’s second season, based on the Mugen Train and Entertainment District arcs, aired weekly from October 10, 2021, to February 13, 2022. Both seasons of the anime were animated by the studio Ufotable. The studio that also produces video games rarely makes anime, but they have proven how successful they are in this business with Demon Slayer. Licensed by Aniplex of America, the anime is also gaining popularity with listings from major streamers such as Netflix and Hulu TV. Currently, the most important question marks in the fans’ minds are about the third season. Continuing our article, we have compiled all the known about the third season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Will there be a third season of Demon Slayer?

The anime’s second season, consisting of 18 episodes and adapting two arcs, originally aired between October 10, 2021, and February 13, 2022. In the second season finale of the anime, there was an announcement that would make the fans happy. The early announcement stated that Demon Slayer is renewed for a third season, and the Swordsmith Village arc of the manga will be adapted in the 3rd Season.

Demon Slayer
The picture from @Crunchyroll Collection – Trailer on YouTube

Studio changes for anime always come with risks. Fortunately, Ufotable will take charge in the new season of the anime, as in the first two seasons. Also, director Haruo Sotozaki and character designer Akira Matsushima are returning for the new season. Although no detailed announcement has been made for the cast yet, we think the main cast will also take part in the new season. The renewal announcement on February 13, 2022, was shared with a visual on the official English Twitter account.

Will the third season be a final?

The manga series, the main source material, is written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. The manga originally published by Shueisha is also meeting with English readers thanks to Viz Media. The series, which started broadcasting on February 15, 2016, was completed on May 18, 2020, and a total of 23 volumes were published. However, the fact that the manga series is no longer running indicates that the material to be adapted is limited.

The 23 published volumes of the manga series contain 205 chapters. In the first season, the first 53 chapters of the manga were adapted into anime. In the second season, it was adapted up to Chapter 99. We know that the Swordsmith Village Arc will be adapted in the third season, and this arc contains the events between Chapters 98 and 127. Considering the source material contained in the manga series, we can see that the third season is not a finale. However, since the arc, which is stated to be adapted, does not contain as many scripts as in the first two seasons, it may have fewer episodes than in the first two seasons.

Manga adaptation rate

When is the third season of Demon Slayer?

The anime was renewed on February 13, 2022, with the announcement in the second season finale. However, this statement did not contain information about the season 3 release date. As of July 3, 2022, at the time of writing, there is still no release date announcement from official channels. However, it is possible to speculate about it. We know that the post-renewal production time of anime seasons is generally about one year. Therefore, it seems like at least a year is needed for a big production like Demon Slayer. Also, on Twitter, AnimeHype, which leaks news about anime series, gave a similar answer to the question about season 3. Expectations are that the anime will air in the summer of 2023. We will update this section as more official information becomes available.

The popularity of the series

We mentioned how popular the manga series is at the beginning of our article. The series has more than 150 million copies in circulation and is always on the best-seller lists. Its anime is also among the most popular productions like its manga. According to Myanimelist, the Demon Slayer is the 9th most popular anime of all time. On the other hand, the official Japanese Twitter account is followed by 2.8 million people. This number of followers is tough to reach for an anime series. In Google searches, we see that anime has a large global search volume. So much so that Demon Slayer is more searched than the most popular productions of recent years, such as Tokyo Revengers and One-Punch Man.

The anime’s discs are selling quite well, although disc sales have dropped significantly in recent years. A total of 6 volume disc sales have been decided for the anime’s second season. For the ongoing disc sales, 20,706 units were sold in the average of the first 3 volumes. In general, 4,000 discs for an anime are considered good, and with the decline in disc sales in recent years, this number is quite difficult to reach. However, Demon Slayer’s current sales figure is excellent despite the drop in disc sales. Demon Slayer was the best disc-selling anime in the period, and its closest rival, My Dress-Up Darling, managed to sell 11,135 units on average.

The anime is also broadcast globally by major distributors such as Hulu TV and Netflix, apart from Crunchyroll and Funimation. Considering all these, we can say that everything is fine financially, and there is no need to worry about next season renewals.


Is there a trailer for season 3?

The first announcement of the anime season didn’t include a trailer, but as time goes on, more is revealed about the anime’s new season, and we’ll add more as more news becomes available. The first third season trailer of the anime was released on April 16, 2022, and it was watched by millions in a short time. You can watch the trailer with English subtitles below.