Das Boot Season 3 Release date (Sky, Hulu), Plot and Trailer

Das Boot is a German tv series made for Sky Atlantic, it is based on the novel Das Boot by Lothar-Günther Buccheim. Its first adaptation was a movie made in 1981, one of the best-known war movies of all time. The tv series takes off after the movies’ ending. Like the movie, the series is created based on Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s Das Boot book in 1973. The first season of the series, which started on November 23, 2018, with Andreas Prochaska, director of the series, was released in the second season after 8 episodes. On April 24, 2020, the series that started for Season 2 directed by Matthias Glasner and Rick Ostermann made the season finale again with the 8th Episode named “On the Other Hand” and said goodbye to the screens on May 15, 2020. After Season 2 of the series aired on Sky One, fans started to wonder about the plot and release date of Season 3.

What will be the plotline of the Das Boot Season 3?

Das Boot Season 3 Plot is expected to be more thrilling than ever. The time during WWII is described in its all misery and thrill in the series. The series is set in 1942. This new season is expected to revolve around the marine sides of the war as the characters are all in the crew of U-boat. The antagonist we have seen in the first two seasons is expected to make his appearance this season too.

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The Resistance is to be continued this season too while facing more obstructions. The resistance of La Rochelle continued till the end of WWII so the expectations for the Das Boot Season 3 Plot is that the tv series will also continue till the end of the war itself and show the ending to the Resistance. The series focuses on the two events during WWII, one being the Resistance and the other U-boat crew and their struggles with the ship crew. This new season will bring a new face and look to the U-boat ship crew and the French Resistance. Given the historical background of the series, it is known that the war will go worse for Germans and we will probably see this in the tv series too. It is said that season 3 for Das Boot has been decided and the series has renewed its contract. Viewers should look forward to the new season.

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When is the release date of Das Boot season 3?

Unfortunately, there is no renewal announcement for Das Boot yet. Although there are reports in some sources on the Internet that the series received Sky’s approval for Season 3, we cannot reach such a conclusion when we examine the official sources. However, we do not want to drag the fans of the series to pessimism. There is no information that it has been canceled yet as well. It looks like we can see a new season of the series in the fall of 2021 at the earliest. We will share it with you when new news is shared from official sources.

Who will be in the cast of season 3?

We do not expect a radical change in the main cast of the series, and there is no news of separation in this direction. We will see the main cast of the series in season 3 we are used to seeing in season 2. Tom Wlaschiha (Hagen Forster), Leonard Scheicher (Frank Strasser), Franz Dinda (Robert Ehrenberg), Thierry Frémont (Pierre Duval), Fleur Geffrier (Margot Bostal), Robert Stadlober (Hinrich Laudrup), Julius Feldmeier (Eugen Strelitz).

Is there a released trailer of season 3?

As we have not seen an official renewal announcement for the series so far, we have not witnessed the trailer. We will share it with you when the trailer is released from the official channels. Stay tuned for updates.