Will there be a DARK Season 4 on Netflix – Renewal Status

Dark, the beloved TV series, produced by Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese and contains many mysteries and crime items, was broadcast on Netflix with its third season. At the time of writing, Dark, which is still in 1st place on Netflix as popular, came to the screens with its first season in 2017 and attracted attention in a short period. The fans are wondering that will there be another season of Dark? The series, whose original language was published in German, was broadcast to many countries on Netflix in their language and reached a large audience. It is wondering when the next season of the series, which is published on Netflix with its season 3 on June 27, will be. Mysterious tv series, which received great criticism for the third season and the other two seasons, took the cheetah to the next level with the third season’s 8th episode. With the last episode of the series published, got 9.9 points on IMDB.

Will there be Dark Season 4 on Netflix?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Dark was already set for three seasons, and the published season was the final episode of the series. Although some fans think there are still open spots and think the series is finished as the season finale, this does not answer whether this will be the 4th season. If there will be no surprises, it will not be the 4th season. It would be wrong to expect such a surprise from a series that made a final with a peak score of 9.9 points with the last episode.

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Is it possible to see Season 4 of DARK?

We cannot be sure exactly what will happen in the future. Still, Dark has successfully conveyed the mysterious story of the four families lost in the twisting of time to the audience and completed the story. Therefore, we do not think it will be a new season. Also, their producers began working on another series that will be broadcast on Netflix. The name of the original series, which is still under construction, is “1899“.

Baran bo Odar, one of the creators of the series, said for the new series:

The end of the 19th century was an incredibly fascinating time – a tension between the old and the new. On the one hand, the feeling that everything is possible; on the other hand, feels that everything is doomed to failure.

  • Update on 14.10.2020: As of October 2020, there is no hint that Dark will continue. It is certain that the series will not have a new season. Regarding the new series “1899”, the new series of the same producers; the series will be released around late 2021. The main language will be English instead of German.

What will be the plot of the new series “1899”?

1989 tells the story of European immigrants who set out for America and whose lives changed during this journey. People who come together from different parts of Europe have a lot of hopes on this journey. People approaching the new century and the new life waiting for them encounter a migrant boat drifting in the ocean. This unexpected situation causes their lives to change and to drift into a terrible nightmare.

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