Chivalry 2 Release date (Postponed), Gameplay, Beta Status, Plot

The Chivalry series, developed by Torn Banner Studios, reached a wide audience with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The first game of the series met with the players in 2012 with the first game and managed to get an above average rating from the critics. We can say that the game has achieved great success, especially in multiplayer environments. The same success is expected from Chavlry 2, the second game of the series. The developer team shared the news that a new game will be added to the series for 2020 with the players. (Although the game will not be published in 2020). The name of the upcoming sequel was announced as “Chivalry II“. As the release date of the game approached, new information started to come out.

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For which platforms will the game be released?

According to the details, the game will be released for the new generation consoles as well. Chivalry 2 will be developed for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PC and Xbox One platforms. Chivalry 2 will offer cross-platform support for both existing consoles and for the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. In the “System Requirements” section on the Epic Store Page of the game whose system requirements have not been announced yet, there is the phrase ‘to be determined later’. Similarly, the price of the game is unknown. The game is expected to open for pre-order soon.

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When is the release date of Chivalry 2 on Epic store?

When the developer company first announced the game, it said that it set the year 2020 for the release date. But unfortunately, things did not go that way. Toronto, Canada-based video game developer, Torn Banner Studios announced that the release date of the war game Chivalry II, which is expected to be released this year, has been postponed to 2021.

Why is the game postponed to next year?

Stating that the game has not reached the point they want yet, Torn Banner Studios stated in the statement that this delay is necessary in order to provide the vision of Chivalry II being the greatest game possible and the true sequel of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The developer also points to Covid-19 as a major factor in the decision to delay but underlines that the extra time will give them time to add post-launch content to the initial version. This means more maps and features will be playable when the game launches. However, the statement also included the information that horses will not be included in the game in the first place and will be added later.

Will Chivalry 2’s summer beta be affected by this delay?

Chivalry II has shortly wrapped up the sixth round of the Alpha phase, and Torn Banner Studios has assured fans that the delayed decision will not affect the previously scheduled summer beta. There is no exact date for the beta version yet, but a new announcement and beta date are expected to be announced soon.

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What are the Plot and Gameplay details of Chivalry 2?

The graphics quality of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was very satisfactory. With the new RTX technology, we can think that we will see beautiful graphics in the new Chivalry game. As you know, most game developers have started to release versions suitable for RTX technology.

We think it’s a perfect game for players who love old age wars. It will be a game that can rise to the top in its category, both in terms of gameplay and graphics. We’ll wait and see.

Chivalry 2: 5 minutes Gameplay video

The game’s launch slogan is “Back to the medieval battlefields”

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer FPS game inspired by the epic medieval movie wars. Players will find themselves immersed in the action of all the iconic moments of the era, from clashing swords to flaming arrow storms, spreading fortress sieges and much more.

You will try to dominate huge 64-player battlefields. While preparing traps for the castles, villages will be looted and catapults will roister.

Features of the series’ new game: Chivalry 2

chivalry 2 features

chivalry 2 features

chivalry 2 features

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