Carole and Tuesday Season 3 Release date, Netflix Renewal

Carole and Tuesday is an anime series written by Shinichiro Watanabe, who has also a similar product, Sakamichi no Apollo. The anime, prepared by the Japanese animation studio Bones, was also broadcast on Netflix and attracted viewers from all over the world. Bones studio is also well known for its animations such as Mob Psycho 100 and Boku no Hero Academia. It is wondering whether there will be a third season of the music and science fiction anime. Fans are curious about the 3rd season release date. We witness two young girls coming together and starting their music careers in the series. It is very successful in the genre of series. According to IMDb data, it has a good score of 7.9 and has already managed to gain a fan base. Before moving on to the details of the third season renewal of the series, let’s see what was the anime about and what we expect in the third season.

What was Carole & Tuesday about?

carole and tuesday

Carole Stanley is an orphaned girl who came from the world to the mars. He continues his life by working daily, paying his rent, and playing the music he is passionate about. Tuesday, Simmons was born in a wealthy family in Mars. His mother, Valerie Simmons, is even a candidate for President of Mars. But wealth does not bring happiness because his mother does not approve of playing the guitar and music. When this is the case, Tuesday, gathering all his courage, runs away from home and comes to Alba City. Here, as a twist of fate, he sees Carole trying to make music on the bridge, and the first step of a great friendship is taken. Tuesday begins to stay at Carole’s house, and they work to build their music careers from nothing.


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What is 3rd season of Carole and Tuesday Plotline?

The anime fans are looking forward to seeing the Carol and Tuesday season 3 plot. Since the last season’s final release, there is so much for Carole and Tuesday enthusiasts to wonder. What will be the plotline of season3? What will happen during Tuesday’s freedom journey? And how will the relationship change between Carole and Tuesday? What kind of difficulties waiting for them? These are the questions we need to answer.

It is a well-known fact that Carole and Tuesday are a musical anime that makes the anime lovers feel like in a well-organized concert. It seems to live up its reputation in season 3, too. As Carole and Tuesday get more and more successful with their new songs, it will get more difficult for them to deal with the music production sector conditions. Meanwhile, the political issues will go on on Mars; all the musicians will start to gather together to achieve making their music freely.


carole and tuesday

For Tuesday is the daughter of politician Valerie Simmons, it seems that Carole and Tuesday will never be able to get separated from these actions. But as it is known that Valerie has given up elections, it would make a difference in season 3. However, no matter what, Carole and Tuesday will be quite successful in owning the duty of leadership for the entire Mars music production to maintain their music. Carole & Tuesday will start to be role models with their braveness and talent among other famous musicians of Mars.

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Since things didn’t go well for Angela, there is a recovery period that waits for her in season 3. Like Angela’s admiration for Carole and Tuesday grows, the girls will become a memorable dual and idols for everyone to look up to. Carole and Tuesday will always support each other and overcome the obstacles during their career in season 3.


Will Carole and Tuesday have a season 3?

At the time of this writing, Bones Studio or Netflix has not yet renewed the series for a third season. In this case, we have to evaluate the possibilities for the third season. In our evaluation, we take into account the source material and ratings, which are the most important inputs for an anime to continue.

Is Carole and Tuesday a manga adaptation?

Carole and Tuesday have a manga. The manga illustrated by Morito Yamataka may mislead you. Because anime is not a manga adaptation. The manga adapted from the anime. For this reason, the manga is not the source material for the series. The script was prepared directly for the anime. In order for the series to continue, the script for the anime series must be continued by the crowded writer team.


When will Carole & Tuesday season 3 air on Netflix?

We think the popularity and criticism of the series are good, so a third season of the series will be prepared by Bones if Netflix wants it. Although there is no clear clue yet, if the series is renewed, we can see a new season in the middle of 2021.

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