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Cannon Busters Season 2 Release date on Netflix, Renewal

Cannon Busters is a fantasy anime series released on Netflix in the past year. The anime, adapted from a comic book series created by LeSean Thomas, is not a Japanese-made manga adaptation as we are used to. This American fantasy comic book met with the audience as a TV series under Netflix’s license on August 15, 2019. The production, adapted to television with Satelight and Yumeta Company Japanese animation studios’ partnership, gained a broad audience with its broadcast on Netflix. A total of 12 episodes were broadcast with 24-minute episodes. The production, which has an average view, has a unique fan base. The details of the second season of the series and the release date are curious.

Netflix’s original production, the animated series, is about the adventures of SAM, a friendship robot, who is looking for his lost friend. The robot is accompanied by a fugitive and a sensational pink Cadillac on its journey. The score of the directory, according to IMDb user votes, is 6.8.

The adaptation of the series to anime took place after a long period. LeSean Thomas, the comic book author, is the leading actor in this event, which can be called a success story. In 2014, he raised $ 156,000 with the fund he initiated on Kickstarter, enabling the series to turn into an anime. He was able to take his place in the anime series Netflix, which he directed, finally in 2019.

Will there be a second season of Cannon Busters?

The comic book, which is the series’s written source, did not manage to be very long. The magazine, which was able to issue 3 issues in total, then continued as an anime, with improvements on story basics. Of course, there are about 15 years in between. It would not be right to launch the series as a manga adaptation right now. A new script is required directly for this Netflix original production. For this reason, it does not mean much whether there are enough written sources for the second season.

Currently, the director and creator of the series, Thomas, is working on the second season. However, Netflix has not yet renewed the series for the second season. So fans should keep it on the agenda and recommend it to their friends in order to see a new season of the show. With a possible renewal, a new season of the series may meet with the audience at the end of 2021. This is the earliest possible date because the series’s production is not like other anime, and it takes more than a year. We can see that the pilot episode was in 2016, but the series was coming out in 2019. Things will be relatively faster. However, we are 50/50 percent for the possibility of renewal of the series.

What is expecting from season two of Cannon Busters?

Late in the first season, we saw S.A.M. and Kelby getting closer to their merger but failed to do so. Will this knot be untied in the second season, and will they be able to get together?

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Also, late in the first season, we witnessed S.A.M. discovering that it was a Cannon Busters. We’ll get to know her more in Cannon Busters form in season two. S.A.M., as Cannon Busters and his gang, can save Kelby. On the other hand, the journey can get more complicated as Philly no longer has a car to cross Gearbolt.

Is there a released trailer of season 2?

A second season trailer of the series has not been released yet. For this, it is necessary to wait for the new season approval and studio work. It is possible to see a new trailer close to the broadcast date of the series.