Caliphate Season 2 Release Date

Caliphate Season 2 Release date, Netflix renewed the series?

Netflix has ​​published the Swedish-made Caliphate series, which is very impressive and filled with realities this year. The series is breaking records both in Sweden and the other European countries. The series has published on 12 Jan 2020 on Netflix. Now the fans are curious about the second season of the series. Will there be a another season of Caliphate?

Wilhelm Behrman and Niklas Rockström sit together on the director’s chair. In the series consisting of many thriller and drama scenes; Aliette Opheim, Gizem Erdoğan, Amed Bozan, Lancelot Ncube and Albin Grenholm give life to the characters.

What is Caliphate about?

The series with an IMDb score of 8.2 shows ISIS’s activities, organized in Sweden, how young girls are deceived, and lives devastated in Syria. On the one hand, the series tells the story of Pervin (Gizem Erdoğan), who came from Raqqa with her husband to the middle of the darkness of ISIS. On the other hand, we follow the story of two sisters and friends, one of whom is 13 and the other one is 15 years old, who are eligible to be deceived, and their journey to Syria.

Seeing how easy it is to be deceived, you will be surprised. It is frightening to carry out such an activity easily in a field that we think is safe as a school. It is one of the series that should be watched this year with its realistic story and successful acting. When season 2 release, we don’t expect to see another story to change the series’s plotline. The series will focus on the same issues as the first season.


Caliphate Season 2 release date

The latest update on 24.10.2020: At time of writing, the series still has not yet been renewed for a second season. Because the creators work on a different project, the series’s second season can be at risk.

Speaking to Variety, the creator of the series, Wilhelm Behrman stated that they are working on another project these days. Therefore, we do not expect to see the upcoming season next year, it will even be released in March 2020. The best prediction shows that the next season will be released 2 years later. The series may return in March 2022.