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Blood & Water Season 2 Release date on Netflix, Renewed, Plot

Blood & Water is a mystery and drama genre tv series released in 2020. The South African series aired as original content on Netflix. The series is fluid and fun, as well as dramatic. The first season of Blood and Water, which blends the mystery and youth series elements, consisted of 6 episodes. With his dedication in the first season, Puleng won the admiration of the audience. The trio of Nosipho Dumisa, Daryne Joshua, and Travis Taute shared the series’s script and direction. Bradley Joshua and Benjamin Overmeyer produced the series. With the first season of the series, all episodes were broadcast simultaneously on Netflix on May 20, 2020. Viewers of the series are now curious; will Blood & Water have a second season? What will be the plotline?

What did we watch in the first season?

The drama centers on a 16-year-old young girl named Puleng Khumalo. Puleng has a family of 4 consisting of a mother, father, and brother. There was another member of this family on time. Puleng’s older sister was abducted when she was a baby 17 years ago. Puleng’s family has still not survived this painful loss and continue to celebrate his birthday every year as a memorial day.

In season one, Puleng ran into a girl she thought was her older sister at a party and changed her school for her. We watched her search for her sister throughout the season. She made really interesting plans for this and got into several events.

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What will we watch in the second season of Blood & Water?

The first season ended with Puleng Fikile learning that he was her older sister. This increased the expectations of the second season by the fans. Fans of the drama want to see what path Puleng will follow with his older sister in the second season. Fikile and Chad have an illegal relationship, and we’ll see how that happens in season two. Will the relationship continue or end?

Whether Mark and Zama will be a band with Chris is another question regarding the drama. The second season is expected to be an answer to this question. Will Puleng and KB stay away, or will they get deeper into the events?

The most curious subject is what Fikile will do in the face of what she will learn. We do not yet know whether she will be happy with this situation. However, she cannot easily accept. It seems that it will be very difficult to tell her about her abduction and her real family.

How will Fikile and Puleng greet each other? We will see how their families will be affected by these situations. The second season also seems to be very eventful and fluid.

Will there be a second season of Blood & Water?

The good news is that the series has been renewed for a second season. Blood & Water producers have announced that the second season is coming. Netflix announced this renewal on its Twitter account. In the video on Netflix’s confirmation tweet, Nosipho, the writer and director of the series, heralds the other team members that his second season has been approved. The reactions of the members of the team are worth watching in this funny video.


When is the release date of Blood and Water Season 2?

Netflix has confirmed a new season of the series, but this statement did not contain an air date. Preparations for the second season continue, but there is no exact release date yet. We will update when it is clarified. The series was broadcast in May last year. If Covid-19 will not affect and not cause a delay in the new season of the series, the production period is around one year. We can see a new season like May 2021. Of course, it’s just speculation for now.

Is there a released trailer for season 2?

Unfortunately, the second season trailer for the series has not yet been shared. Preparations are currently underway for the new season, and it will take some time before we see a new trailer. Unfortunately, trailers are mostly shared on the Netflix platform just before the release date of the season. The trailer below was shared a few days before the first season. We can only see a new trailer in the spring of 2021. Of course, if the new season release date matches with speculation.