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blackAF Season 2: Release Date on Netflix, is it Renewed?

#blackAF is a comedy series inspired by the real-life of Kenya Barris. This show, which was designed around issues about parenting through relationships, race, culture, disrespect, and flaws, is a family drama and sitcom. BlackAF appeared on Netflix with its first season on April 17th. All episodes of the first season, consisting of 8 episodes in total, were broadcast simultaneously on Netflix as we use to. The second season of the production, which attracted worldwide attention in a short time, is curious. So will there be a second season of #blackAF? When will it be air on Netflix?

What is the blackAF Season 2 Plotline?

The series, which is about a black family, was highly appreciated for its funny and unfiltered narration in the first season. It is also one of the series “Black Lives Matter” Netflix special category. So, what happened in the first season, and what are the predictions for the second season?

What Happened During The First Season?

The eldest daughter of the family decides to make a documentary about her family for the university application. There are intimate interviews in front of the camera on the family relationships, racial and cultural issues in the series. At the end of the first season, Kenya and Joya’s marriage was on the verge of a stumbling block. They went on holiday to fix their marriage that is not going well. Despite the tension between them, it was quite enjoyable to watch Kenya realize that he loves his wife so much and make an effort to fix it.

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What About Season 2 of blackAF?

For #blackAF, which touches social issues very successfully using comedy with its first season, it is a matter of curiosity about what will happen in the new season. It is a question of what the family, which is a fun family with Kenya, Joya, and their children, will deal with and overcome in the second season. Will Kenya be able to save her marriage? Will the fights continue or find a solution? What will Drea do when trying to connect with Chloe? Everyone is eagerly awaiting answers to these questions. But good news: Netflix has given its season 2 confirmation to the Kenya Barris comedy #blackAF!

Will there be a second season of #blackAF?

Good news for the comedy series! Netflix renewed the series for a second season. The news of the renewal came about two months after the series aired. As a result of Netflix’s financial evaluation, the series will be on the screens for at least one more season. The ratings of the first season are not considered above average. The first season of the series got 6.8 points on IMDb with nearly 4000 users’ votes. However, we think it will close this gap in the second season by considering the audience feedback. The first season of the series was aired in April 2020, and a new season of the series will be on Netflix around April 2021, after an average of one year of production.

Is there a released trailer for season 2?

Although the series has been approved for a new season, it is too early to see a trailer. Netflix released the first season trailer below in March and the series in April. Likewise, we can see a new season trailer in March 2021.