Black Myth: Wukong Release date, Gameplay Trailer and Plot

The game, announced as Black Myth, attracted all the attention with the trailer released in the past weeks. Some games played in countries that make up their own market, such as China, may not noticed in the western market. However, this game has managed to make a sound all over the world with the gameplay and promotional trailer that is currently published. The game is developed by Game Science, which was established with a team that left China’s giant game company Tencent.

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Gameplay details: What kind of game Black Myth is?

The game is a kind of Action & RPG game and the most important feature that can make the game rival to similar games is that it contains 72 different special abilities and graphics. Our main character can use his weapon with different animations for many abilities. Having many additional features without using his weapon, the character can slow down time or create a shield.

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When we watch the trailer of the game, we see that the game focuses more on one-on-one fights. This means we will see many different boss battles in the game. It is also possible to see some boss fights in the gameplay trailer. While we think the game will be a Dark Souls-like game, we witness a battle with multiple enemies in another scene with unique mechanics in the trailer.

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We see that our main character can also transform into different forms. You will also be able to take on different characters not only for action but also for stealth. In the trailer, we watch our character transform into a bee and outrun enemies, but if balancing this trait will provide a significant, unbalanced convenience, it can lessen the joy of the game.

Black Myth: Wukong Gameplay Trailer

All we have told is from the only 13 min gameplay video that has been published so far. Let’s talk about other details after watching the video.

At the end of the trailer you watched, you encounter a boss fight. The artificial intelligence of the game draws attention here. When our character sends copies of himself to the enemy, the boss applies a different attack technique that he didn’t before and makes an field effect attack. Usually the bosses repeat the same attack mechanism and we defeat the boss by memorizing this attack technique, but this time the boss applies a defense according to your attack technique in Black Myth. When we burn the boss in the same scene, the boss tries to extinguish by shaking, animations of this kind are not the kind of novelties we can see often in games. Let’s see if we can see this diversity when the game comes out, hopefully it’s not just for the trailer.

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Who makes the game, what is known about Game Science?

The game is owned by Game Science, an independent company founded in 2014. Game science, as we said earlier, is a game developer studio based in China. Game Science, founded by a team that left China’s giant game developer company Tencent, has never before stepped into such a large-scale project. The biggest goal of this team that left Tencent in 2014 is to make AAA games. However, since it was not possible to make AAA games with a small team, the game company prepared with smaller projects in the first years.

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The game company has previously found a place in the industry with games with lower budgets. These were games like 100 Heroes, Red Tides. However, none of them were AAA games and it was very different from the game we are currently reviewing. After preparing with such games, the company starts its main projects in 2017 and the development adventure of Black Myth begins.

Highly praised from the game world, Black Myth is still under construction and actually released the trailer because they are looking for new teammates to work on the game. The company, which does not predict that the game will make such a sound from all over the world, says that everything seen is real and the game is partially playable. Even the company’s CEO plays some of them shown in the trailer.

When will Black Myth: Wukong be released?

These are the things that are known about the game right now and the official information shared except for this 13-minute gameplay video is limited. We see that the game is still in pre-production and it is very difficult to see it in 2021. Considering that the game is partially playable and made good progress, the predictions show us that the game may appear in the first quarter of 2022.

What is Black Myth: Wukong Plot?

Inspired by the Monster Hunter: World, God of War and Sekiro, the production Black Myth: Wu Kong is based on the 16th century novel ‘Journey to the West’, which is believed to have been written by Wu Cheng’en. This novel is also one of the Four Great Classic Novels of Chinese literature. So much so that today many video games and television productions have emerged based on this novel.

journey to the west

On gameplay side the game inspired by the Monster Hunter: World, God of War and Sekiro but its story is much different. Black Myth based on the 16th century novel ‘Journey to the West’, which is believed to have been written by Wu Cheng’en. This novel is also one of the Four Great Classic Novels of Chinese literature. So much so that today many video games and television productions have emerged based on this novel.

The novel Journey to the West tells the story of the Monkey King Sun Wukong’s journey to learn humility and retrieve the Buddha’s ancient writings. Black Myth: Wu Kong will try to tell us the story of the Monkey King in the best way possible.

What platforms will the game be on?

Using the Unreal Engine 4 game, we see that they are targeting the global market for the next generation console and PC. So it looks like we can play the game on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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  1. This game, which is the work of a game science studio based in Hangzhou in China, is the first AAA labeled game in china. There were so many games promoted at the launch of Playstation 5, but there was no game that excited me as much as the gameplay trailer of this game. I can say that the variety in the game’s combat mechanics officially took me from me. As far as I watched the game using the unreal engine 4 engine. The game seems closer to hack and slash, not soulsborne. I’m looking forward to releasing.

  2. Chinese action game with great graphics. As far as I understand from the gameplay images, we will travel with our character on Kinto.

  3. The game will probably be the Goty of 2021. The most impressive gameplay video I have seen in recent years.

    The game is so similar to the souls borne games that I said “from software exploded again”, but a Chinese company made it. According to the developers’ comments, according to the pre-alpha version they are playing, the game is more like God of War.

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