Black Monday Season 3: Release date, Renewed or Cancelled?

Black Monday is an American dark comedy TV series created by Jordan Cahan and David Caspe. The series which is one of the Showtime’s popular productions, met with the audience on Jan 20, 2019 with its first episode “365”, which was directed by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg. The second season met with the audience on Mar, 2020 with its first episode “Mixie-Dixie”, and the season finale with the episode “I Don’t Like Mondays” after 10 episodes aired. Fans are now wondering about season 3 details, is the series renewed for season three, when will season 3 be released?

What is Black Monday about?

Black Monday takes the audience to the Sep 19, 1987, the great day when international stock markets crashed in Wall Street. The series presents the events of that day to the screens. In doing so, investigates the responsible people and reasons.

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First season was about Blair Pfaff, an avid white stockbroker on Wall Street. After many farcical events, Blair starts working for Maurice Monroe, an experienced stockbroker. Blair is patient, tough, and challenging at work. At the same time, he tries to preserve his relationship with spoiled heiress Tiffany Georgina. Monroe plans to use Blair to negotiate a secret business deal that involves buying Tiffany’s family business, Georgina Jeans.

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Dawn Darcy, the only woman employee at work, runs out of patience when Monroe’s not recognizing her in the workplace. Keith, an employee who bullying Blair, is a secret homosexual who has a relationship with a Broadway artist. Meanwhile, Monroe struggles with the inner turmoil of reaching the high standards she set for herself and living under a false identity. This journey gets more complicated as it takes shape with the characters and Black Monday approaches.

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Will there be a season 3 of Black Monday?

The series hasn’t yet renewed for a season 3 by Showtime, so far. Let’s look at the possibilities until we get news from the official broadcasters of the series.

Although historical comedy has its own strong audience, as you can imagine, financial issues lie at the center of everything. When we look at the last season ratings of the series, its rating, which was 0.292 (mil) in the first season, unfortunately drops to 0.113 (mil) in the last season. We think that Season 3 of the series, which has lost 61% viewers, is at risk. The series was renewed for its second season in April 2019, just one month after the 1st season finale. However, the lack of confirmation for season 3 so far makes us pessimistic. On the other hand, it will be useful to share that there is no cancellation news yet by Showtime.

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If the series gets a possible season approval, we think it will take at least 1 year to meet the audience as 10 episodes. In that case the series may meet the audience in the summer of 2021.

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Who will be in the cast of season 3?

If the approval is received for season 3, we do not expect a radical change in the main cast. We may see new characters in season 3, but the characters we know from season 2 will likely be in season 3.

Don Cheadle
Andrew Rannells
Paul Scheer
Regina Hall
Yassir Lester
Casey Wilson
Horatio Sanz
Ken Marino

Is there released trailer for season 3?
Without a renewal for the 3rd season, it does not seem possible to see the trailer.

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