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Black Clover Season 5 Release Date, New Movie is Coming!

Black Clover is an anime series that has been published continuously since 2017 in the genre of adventure and fantasy. The anime, which continued for a long time without a season break, said goodbye to its fans after Episode 170. The anime is adapted for TV from Yūki Tabata’s same-name manga series that began airing in 2015. Black Clover, which is among the 100 most popular anime according to the Myanimelist, is followed in more than 80 countries. The studio in charge of adaptation is Pierrot, which we know from beloved animes such as Akudama Drive and Osomatsu-san. Crunchyroll and Funimation licensed anime is originally broadcast on TXN. The fourth season of the anime was released between December 8, 2020 – March 30, 2021, in 16 episodes, different from previous seasons. So was this a sign of an end, or will it be a fifth season? In the announcement made in February 2021, it was announced that some surprises were waiting for the fans in the final episode. Let’s see the details.

What we watched and what will be the next of Black Clover?

Unarguable, the most notable characters of the fourth season were members of the Dark Triad. Asta had to take his abilities to the next level in order to beat them. We watched a season that included more details than its manga in many respects, such as the scene where Asta is the abandoned child. It was an emotionally rich season as well. It was very emotional for Lichta to sacrifice herself for Liebe. Although Lichita was Liebe’s stepmother, she never called her “Mother”. She always called her “Lichita”. The only time she called her “Mother” was the farewell moment; it was heartbreaking.

Liebe’s innocence and the beauty of Asta’s and her mother’s heart. After losing one son, the sacrifices she made in order not to lose another son really upset the audience. In the sequel of the anime, Asta can learn about her mother. Clover and Heart Kingdoms’ war with the Spade Kingdom looks set to begin. However, even the manga has not clearly touched this part yet, and we need to wait for the movie or the new season to see what happens.

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Will there be a fifth season of Black Clover?

As of December 1, 2021, Studio Pierrot or manga publisher, Shueisha has not renewed the anime for a fifth season. 171st episode does not seem possible at the moment because, according to the statement made in February 2021, the episode of the anime, which was published on March 30, 2021, would be a final. The fact that the anime caught the manga series that it was adapting explains why the final season was a short season. However, the final announcement was only valid for the anime series, in the same announcement that an “important announcement” would be shared. And this important news points to a movie.

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Black Clover Movie Release Date

The uninterrupted broadcast of the anime made it progress faster than the source material. The manga series currently has 30 volumes published in tankobon format, and 27 volumes were already adapted to the anime. We think a little more volume will be expected for the movie. Thus, they will be able to offer something to the audience for what will happen in the after of the anime. No official release date has been announced for the film yet, but estimates point to late 2022. Manga publisher Shueisha stated that they would share more details about the movie in the future. Also, a visual was shared for the movie with this announcement on March 29, 2021.

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Black Clover Season 5 Release Date

So is a fifth season possible? It does not seem possible to answer this question at the moment. The manga of the series has more than 10 million copies in circulation and has strong popularity in Japan. The anime series, like the manga series, is undeniably popular and a powerful source of income. If the film meets the expectations of the producers and audience, we may see a new anime in the future. However, it seems that the source material is insufficient for now. The manga began to be adapted to the anime two years after it was first published. Our personal opinion is that there may be a serious time between the movie and the new season of the anime. Accordingly, a new season seems possible in 2024 at the earliest. But first, we need to see a new season renewal. Stay tuned for updates.

black clover season 5
5th Season Chance of Black Clover
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