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As a player, you play games that you rarely encounter in your life, that make you completely a part of its world and don’t take you out. Actually, we do not know how true it is to call it a game. Because these productions are like a work of art that penetrates you with its story, visuality, sounds, and the living world. As a single-player and first-person shooter game, BioShock is one of these games. With many game chapters, many types of weapons, and superhuman features are given to you; you seek a way out of the city. It makes the game more fun than many games by having different levels. It is a very popular game for many players. Of course, let’s not forget those who are waiting for BioShock 4, the new one of this game. How about talking about when our eagerly anticipated new game will arrive and what awaits us? Let’s start.

Is BioShock 4 coming out soon?

There are many rumors that the BioShock 4 game will be released soon, but is the game we’ve been waiting for really coming? We know that 2K Games has announced that BioShock has begun work on its new game. In other words, although we will not be able to get the game as soon as we expected, we are all happy to hear that the work for the game continues. We cannot share a clear date with you as the new game does not have an exact date, but we hope that this beautiful game, which we are waiting for, will meet us as soon as BioShock continues with the explanation made from 2K. However, it is difficult to see the release of the game in 2021 and 2022, given that the game has not been officially announced. It looks like we’ll wait a few more years. Since we agree that the game will come out, let’s talk about what awaits us in the new game.

What will be the plotline of BioShock 4?

Cloud Chamber Studios recently released a new list of jobs, stating that they are looking for a sound designer in their job search. So what does that mean? We may have inferred that there may be a lot of audio descriptions waiting for us in the game or that conversations can also be found in dialogue. We also feel true that the image quality of the game will increase too much due to the search for designers and modelers. We know that this game also has a lot of variety in terms of its chapters, although not much. We can add to our expectations that this diversity will increase more, the weapons in the game will develop, and different new weapons will appear, new side characters may be unlocked, and enemies may increase. We would like to share the tweet of 2K that will serve as proof of what we say to you. As you can see below, it is stated that the game is in the development stage.

bioshock 4 tweet

Which platforms will the game take place on?

BioShock, which is one of the games played on the PC in general, can meet us with the Xbox and PS5 with the developing technology. 2K Games, which follows innovations like every game company, will add the last generation consoles to its game. We think that this will not prevent gamers from playing on the computer. Of course, depending on the quality of the computers, the condition of the game may change. We hope the game is suitable for every platform but it is not clear yet.

What do players want to see in the new BioShock?

Of course, you miss the old versions of the game. Even though leaving the underground ocean upset us a little, it makes everyone happy to have new-style episodes. Of course, it wouldn’t be bad if it could return a little bit to the past in the new game. For example, the return of little sisters and grandfathers would make us all happy. Also, we should not forget about the vigors; they would at least make us game lovers happy. Finally, returning to new atmospheric environments would be a nice innovation for us. Since we have been waiting for the game for a long time, we want a lot of things to happen. We hope it meets all of our expectations, and it is worth waiting for this game for so long.

Could BioShock 4 be an open-world game?

Although we know that the open-world situation makes those waiting for the game more excited and impatient, we still want to talk about this a little bit. The BioShock 4 game is still in development and is preparing to come up with many different options. So BioShock 4 is highly likely to come across with the new Open World mode, but how is this welcomed by players who are used to the old game? We’ll wait and see. Many players still want the game to have a linear structure. Rather than an unfilled open world, a linear game is now mostly the choice of players.

We wanted to give you information about when our game will be released, but you know we cannot provide you with a clear date, more than an estimation for now. So keep waiting for the game with your high expectations. Do not lose hope that a very good game awaits you. When the BioShock 4 game arrives, it will shake the market and affect you greatly. We wish our players good luck in spending quality time. Keep following us; who knows, maybe we will come across the game sooner than our expectation.

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