Beyond Good and Evil 2 Release date, Plot, Gameplay Trailer

The wait for Beyond Good & Evil 2, developed by Ubisoft in their studios, continues with excitement. What do we know so far for this open-world game that will meet players in the future? The game’s release date, which was introduced to the players in 2018 E3, is still curious. Let’s see What we learn about the game so far? There is no need to talk a lot about the game; Ubisoft already shared a detailed gameplay video about it in 2018. Those who are curious can watch the videos of the game on YouTube or browse the demo mechanics. To summarize.

What is the Beyond Good and Evil 2 Plot?

The game will be an Action & Adventure RPG that players can design their characters and decide whether they will be human or hybrid. The main equipment in the game is a sword, gun, and jetpack. Players will struggle for freedom by walking, by car, or by spaceships.

Will the game have an online mode?

As in recent games, Ubisoft is investing heavily online, and its focus is on getting the game online. Players can go on an adventure online with the other players or spend their time without the other players.

How will the story of Beyond Good & Evil 2 be?

The game will take place on the planet in a distant solar system called System 3. On this multi-cultural planet, players will try to regain control of bad corporations in the 24th century.
The game’s gameplay video shows the main character of the game as Jade. The trailer also reveals characters Pey’j and the Rhino-hybrid Mammagos will be returning in the prequel.

Here some character in the game:
Shani – Ship mechanic
Callum – Chief Engineer
Li Daiyu – Madam running Zhou’s backrooms
Knox – Chief spy
Uma – Chief Medical Officer
Zhou Yuzhu – Crime boss and collector
Dakini – Gada crew captain

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay

To take a quick look at the game’s mechanics and story, you can watch the gameplay video published in E3 2018.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay on YouTube

Release date of the game

Updated on: 16.10.2020: Ubisoft plans to show the gameplay video of the game’s latest status at E3 next year, according to the latest news. We hope that we will see clearer details about the game’s release date at the event next year.Ubisoft, who mentioned the game’s development is going well, said that: “Beyond Good and Evil 2 is well underway and we are currently concentrating on core development and production milestones.” Ubisoft scheduled E3 2021 to between 15 June and 17 June.

We can say that the game was not introduced in 2019 E3, and it will be a very comprehensive game when we think it has been developed since 2013. Therefore, we are not very close to the release of the game. Although there is no official statement yet, we can say that we can not see the game in 2021 with the inferences made. The predictions for the game show the summer of 2022. We will update an official statement, but it is useful not to wait for the game before this date.

On which platforms will the game be?

Nothing’s official, but likely PS4, Xbox One, and PC also on the new generation of PlayStation, PS5.

Game history and evaluations on Metacritic

The only one game has been released for the game in the past, and the scores calculated according to the average of many reviews on Metacritic were 84, and the users voted the first game of the series as 8.6 / 10.

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