Belgravia Season 2 Release date on Epix, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Belgravia, which was first released on March 15, 2020, is a historical period drama and drew the audiences’ attention with its first season, was wondered by the series lovers. The viewers, who were curious about the plot and the actors of the series, started to search for information about the drama’s 2nd season.

The Belgravia series, a period drama prepared by Carnival Films, a British television production company based in London, received good comments from its audiences. The drama, whose screenplay was written by Julian Fellowes, is directed by John Alexander. The series, which was transferred to television screens in the form of an adaptation of a novel of the same name, became one of the most admired series with a 7.5 IMDB score.

The series, which started airing on Epix and ITV, said goodbye to the screens on April 19, 2020, with the first season finale episode. Now its fans began searching for season 2. The second season plot of the series and the release date are very curious.

What is Belgravia about, what we will see in season 2?

The drama, which tells about London in the 1840s, tells the effect of what happened at a party that took place 25 years ago. The hostility that started between the two long-established families of London at the party has been going on for years. In the series that will focus on the Trenchard family, which is among the Belgravia aristocrats, love and happiness are shadowed. While Caroline puts the Trenchard family in a bad situation with her statements, she also takes advantage of the new aristocratic group’s opportunities. The episodes, which tells about the conflicts and love between the two families, came to the screen with the first six episodes.

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Unfortunately, it does not seem possible for this series to guess too much about the second season. We can see behind the Susan and Oliver relationship scenes, and perhaps how Susan cheated on Oliver. The Trenchard family’s servants were involved in revealing secrets to John Bellasis. We can also see that they are punished for what they did.

Is Belgravia renewed for season 2 and when is the release date?

  • Update on Jun 13, 2021, at the time of writing, there was no renewal from Epix TV for the second season. The series’s creator showed in an open-ended statement in the past months that he was positive for a second season. Julian Fellowes said that some of the actors in the series “strongly disagree” that Belgravia is a “complete” story. Later, he admitted that if fans wanted more, he would be open to writing a second season.

Belgravia’s new season, whose 6-episode the first season has just finished, is not expected to be shared for a long time. So far, there is no renewal announcement by producers or by publishers. The series, which is likely to continue in the new season, seems to come together with the audience in spring 2021. There is no exact release date for the series. Besides, as with everything else right now, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic may change some projects’ schedules while putting others on hold indefinitely. According to The Wrap magazine, the producer declared that “We did this as a strictly limited series because sometimes it’s delightful to have a clear beginning, middle, and end”. Therefore, there can never be a 2nd season for Belgravia. We will follow and see.

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Is there a trailer of Belgravia Season 2?

Since the series has not yet received the second season approval, there is no published trailer. We may see a trailer close to the airing of season 2 of the series, but it is too early for that.

Who will be in the cast of possible season 2?

belgravia cast

A radical change is not expected in the season 2 cast of the series. We think it will protect its main cast in the second season.

Philip GlenisterJames Trenchard
Tamsin GreigAnne Trenchard
Harriet WalterLady Brockenhurst
Saskia ReevesEllis
Paul RitterTurton
Alice EveSusan Trenchard
Richard GouldingOliver Trenchard
Jack ShallooMorris
Ella PurnellLady Maria Grey
Tom WilkinsonEarl of Brockenhurst
Martin BishopJenkins
Adam JamesJohn Bellasis
Tara FitzgeraldLady Templemore
James FleetReverend Stephen Bellasis
Bronagh GallagherSpeer
Jack BardoeCharles Pope
Richard HuwMyles
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  1. I just watched season 1. It has great similarities with Downton Abbey. However, it was still a good production. I can’t wait for the second season, I hope it will renew.

  2. I’ve watched Downton Abbey as well as Belgravia and see very few similarities. Both programs were seemingly historically accurate although very different in their timelines and storylines. Belgravia being based on an opening date of 1815 and Season One ending approximately 20 years later, and Downton Abbey taking place in it’s entirety from 1912 to 1926 would help explain some of the many differences in the two programs. Belgravia is very much about dirty underhanded business dealings among the rich and middle class, and how the women of the era spend their vast amounts of spare time. However superficially one could state that both programs had rich people with servants, but then one might as well add The Simple Life of Paris Hilton fame in this description, we then could look at how the very rich lived in three different centuries… At any rate, I highly recommend Belgravia, not as a comparison to any other show, but as a stand alone excellent program with excellent writing and sets.

  3. I absolutely LOVE Belgravia!! The heightened suspense of what’s next is amazing. Downton Abbey is great but it isn’t a similar show IMO. PLEASE let there be a season 2.


  5. I didn’t want to like the series but I did! I feared that some tasteless exects may not want to continue such an intertaining series and replace it with something lame. It would be a big mistake if it’s not continued and I may possibly drop EPIX if Belgravia doesn’t have a season 2 !

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