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Beastars Season 3: Release Date, Netflix Renewed the Series

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Beastars is a popular anime series in the drama and fantasy genre that first aired in 2019. Originally based on a manga series, the anime is inspired by Paru Itagaki’s manga series that began airing in 2016. The Beatstars’ manga won the Eleventh Manga Taisho Award, the Twenty-Second Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award, the Twenty-First Japan Media Arts Festival Award, and the Forty-Second Kodansha Manga Award. In short, it is an adaptation of a manga that is as famous as its anime. We had also analyzed the previous season of the anime, which attracted great attention with its second season, the result did not surprise us and the series was renewed for a second season. Now, for the potential third season, we will let you know what we know so far. Beastars, which makes a name all over the world with the platform’s advantage, was created by studio Orange. We also know the studio from Houseki No Kuni, one of the popular anime series of 2017. The second season of the anime originally aired on Fuji TV (+ Ultra), TNC, KTV, THK, UHB, BS Fuji local broadcasters from January to March 2021. It will be broadcast on Netflix in July 2021. So will the anime has a third season?

What is the anime Beastars about?

Carnivores and herbivores try to live in peace at the Cherryton Academy. While many animals live a life unique to humans in this world, all students, including carnivores, are prohibited from consuming animal foods. However, despite all the prohibitions, there are also species that find and consume meat on the black market and hunt at night. Legoshi and many other animals’ youthful life is told in this world that belongs entirely to animals. The bullying, joys, and sorrows they suffered, in short, all the emotions and events of people were handled entertainingly and questionably. Beatstars opens the door to a breathtaking story of how Legoshi battles his inner demon in a society that is cruel to her own kind.

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Will there be a third season of the anime?

  • Update on July 23, 2021: Expectations were met, and the anime has been renewed for a third season, according to the announcement on July 20, 2021. Orange studio made the animations of the Netflix licensed anime last season. Orange studio announced on Twitter that it will take part in the next season. We will let you know more information about the new season as it becomes available.


Disc sales may affect the thirds season decision

The anime’s second season’s disc sales have not been finalized yet. However, the anime, which sold an average of 800 units in the first season, received a second season approval despite this low sales figure. Disc sales are traditionally important for new seasons of the animes. Although Beastars did not show the desired success in disc sales in Japan, this anime is popular worldwide! The fact that a platform like Netflix broadcasts anime and its current popularity supports the anime financially. Although the disc sales are bad, we think that there is no financial problem for a new season in financial terms.

Also, note that!

The anime is ranked 234th according to Myanimelist. Given the current popularity, creative studio Orange will not say no to a new season because this brand is one of the most valuable anime in the studio’s hands. Beatstars is an anime series that attracts attention not only in Japan but all over the world. Especially thanks to an exclusive distributor like Netflix, the anime reaches the whole world. Google searches give us an idea of the current popularity of the series. When we look at it, we see that BEASTARS is searched more than animes like The Dragon Prince and Mob Psycho 100, also broadcast on Netflix. We think that this popularity will cause a third season renewal.

Manga status of the anime

The original series was written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. The series, which started to be published in 2016, ended on 8 October 2020. The manga series published by Japanese publisher Akita Shoten also meets with readers in English by Viz Media. The fact that the manga series is not continuing anymore has already limited the number of seasons we can see.

However, 22 volumes have been released for the manga series so far, and enough source material is available for the new season. A total of 6 volumes were adapted in the first season, and 6 more volumes were adapted in the following second season. The remaining stock material is 10 volumes of the manga. The remaining source material is sufficient for at least one more season. If there were not enough stock material, a new season would be impossible despite the popularity, but it seems that the source material does not seem to be a problem for a new season of the anime.

Manga adaptation rate

When is the release date of the third season?

The anime has been renewed for a new season, but no official release date has been shared yet. Prospects point to the summer of 2022. We’ll update this section when the official release date is announced.

Japan Release DateNetflix Release Date
Season 1October 10, 2019March 13, 2020
Season 2January 7, 2021July 15, 2021
Season 3Early in 2022 (Expectation)Mid in 2022 (Expectation)

What can happen in the third season?

We think that after the 100th chapter (vol. 12) of the manga could be adapted for what will be told in the third season. The two prominent characters of the manga, the gazelle-leopard hybrid Melon, and Merino, appeared briefly in the 11th episode of the second season. They may be more involved in the story next season. With Louis’ departure and Ibuki’s death, a power gap formed in Shishigumi. Melon can step in to fill this power gap. There’s a good chance that Legoshi will end up living in the Secret Apartment, where both carnivores and herbivores live. Maybe that’s where he meets Seven and Sagwan, a spotted seal.

Manga Spoilers

Since Beastars is a manga adaptation, it is possible to learn from the manga what will take place next season. This part of our article contains sharp spoilers about the upcoming season.

Previously, Legoshi had dueled Tem’s killer, bear Riz. He fought and won against Riz’s power, thanks to Louis’ sacrificing his leg, and Legoshi was given an advantage by allowing him to eat meat for the first time. The duel ended with Riz’s arrest after admitting his mistake. But the police also arrested Legoshi! Legoshi was forever branded as a predatory criminal for illegally consuming the meat of another living animal. Besides the scar on his face, Legoshi faced multiple problems as he could no longer attend universities, and herbivore-owned companies would not want to hire him. Worse still, it was now legally impossible for him to marry a herbivore like Haru! In short, Legoshi now only has to live to go to a carnivorous college, get a job, marry a grey wolf, and start a family. But that’s not the life he wants. Desperate, Legoshi decides to tell Haru that he’s dropping out of Cherryton Academy. However, the police asked him to keep quiet about the incident. He can’t tell Haru clearly, causing Haru to be confused about their relationship.

When the police reveal details of the incident to the public, they alter key details, making it seem as if Louis is the herbivorous hero fighting against the carnivorous criminal Riz. Meanwhile, Louis is visited at the hospital by his father, Ogma, who has ordered him a quality prosthetic leg. Yahya ‘The Black Devil’, their community leader, becomes interested in Legoshi’s cause. Legoshi lives in the Hidden Condo, an old building that allows tenants to have criminal records. One of Legoshi’s new neighbors is a Merino sheep named Seven, who has a hard time working for a carnivorous sportswear company.

The audience will also be introduced to Legoshi’s mother, Leano, and grandfather, Gosha, in the following episodes. The reason Gosha’s appearance is shocking is that he is literally a scaly komodo dragon! Yes, that means Legoshi’s mother is a grey wolf-komodo dragon hybrid, while his father, Miyagi, is a true grey wolf. Legoshi inherited his grandfather’s eyes. However, Leano had inherited reptilian traits. It was his personal concern with his appearance that shaped Legoshi’s behavior today. Things change as the monster John tries to capture Melon, a hybrid criminal who is half gazelle and half leopard. In fact, he is someone who makes money by killing elephants and selling their tusks by pretending to be a therapist. The old horse can’t keep up with the more agile Melon, so John hires Legoshi to catch Melon. The monsters think they can remove Legoshi’s criminal past from the official record and pave the way for Legoshi’s reunion to a happy future.