Baki Season 4 Release date, Renewed or Cancelled, Plot

Anime Baki is the manga adaptation created by TMS Entertainment and published on Netflix. The 4th season of the beloved anime series, Baki, released with 3rd season in the past months, started to be expected by the fans. Baki, which impresses the audience with its impressive fighting scenes and remarkable characters, has become one of Netflix‘s most popular anime series. As its fans know, Anime deals with the story of Baki, the second-best martial arts expert in the world after his father, Yujiro.

Season 3 was broadcast in June 2020, but the audience watched with English dubbing a month later. When season 4 is released, it will be in its native language, and the audience will wait a bit when they want to watch it in English.

Is the anime Baki renewed or cancelled by Netflix?

According to the official announcement, it will be the 4th season of the series. Even a trailer has been released. The new season will consist of 26 episodes in total and will be released in two tracks. We will see 13 episodes and 13 more episodes again.

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Baki Season 4 Trailer

BAKI 4 (2020) Japanese Trailer | Netflix Anime Series on YouTube

Release date of Baki Season 4

We know that Baki season 4 will be broadcast in Japan first. It will then come out on Netflix with a dubbing option later. According to Japanese media, the series may come out in late 2020 or early 2021. We are expecting to see the series on Netflix in March – April 2021.

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Baki Season 4 will be released after

Baki Season 4 Story

The fans are still waiting for the fight between Yujiro vs. Baki. Although there is a possibility to see this fight in the 4th season, the series may not show this fight in season 4 because the new season will be about “Pickle,” who is a new character from the Jurassic era. An unusual name, pickle, is preserved in a salty rock. This character, who lived in the age of dinosaurs, must be very strong to survive in such a period.

Meanwhile, fans are wondering about the story of the five death row inmates who escaped from jail. Season 4 will be the answer to all. However, we will be able to see Baki vs. Yujiro fight most probably in season 5.

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