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B: The Beginning Season 2 Release Date on Netflix, Announced

B: The Beginning is a popular anime series in the psychological thriller and sci-fi genre. The anime series released on Netflix in 2018 is not based on a manga or a light novel as we are used to. Netflix original content, the anime was created with the ONA style by Production I.G.. Anime-lovers are familiar with the studio for anime series such as Ghost in the Shell: SAC_204 and Run with the Wind. The director of the series, Kazuto Nakazawa, has worked as an animator and character designer in productions such as Samurai Champloo, Steamboy, Zankyou no Terror, and The Animatrix. He’s also Kill Bill’s animation director. The production found a global place on Netflix and gained viewers worldwide. The first season of the series aired on March 2, 2018, and consisted of 12 episodes. Well, after all this time, can there be a second season of the anime?

What is the plotline of B The Beginning?

We are in a scientifically developed society and in the near future. The Royal Police Service features characters at the center of the matter. We examine a case in which strange murders have been committed for a long time, where the serial killer left the letter “B” in the back. The case is very serious, and the whole country is wondering and wants the killer to be caught as soon as possible. However, the killer targets only criminals. The case has been on the agenda in the country for a long time. Kazama Flick or Keith, one of the former field police officers, is included in the case from the archive department, which he has voluntarily for ten years.

Keith has books on topics such as research and being a cop or even a doctor. But his past is a little troubled and a little strange. His social relations are not normal, so is his natural communication with people. So we have a classic anti-hero. He does not show his feelings easily, does not care, and actually always designs something in his mind. In her team, Lilly creates a perfect partnership with her enthusiasm and approach to events while also establishing an affinity with the similarities in her way of thinking. Another important character, Koku, is actually a desperate person despite his title of “god”.

b the beginning

Anime dives into action from the first episode. We watch scenes of the Royal Police and Keith running after the criminals. The absurdities in the first episodes become meaningful as time passes, and we gradually get to know the good and the bad. The story does not surprise as it progresses, but the facts revealed near the finale are quite interesting. Because in the anime, we watch several stories from personal showdowns to legends at the same time. As such, we encounter an intertwined story. Fortunately, the story comes out of that mess in the finale, and we understand who is good and who is bad.

Will there be a second season of B The Beginning?

B: The Beginning was released on March 2, 2018, with its first season. The news, coming three months after airing, has pleased the fans. Netflix has renewed the anime for a second season. The second season of the series was announced during the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The renewal was officially announced on the Netflix news blog. Netflix will be working with Production I.G in the second season as in the first season. Kazuto Nakazawa as supervising director and Itsuro Kawasaki as an episode director will take part in the second season.


When is the release date of the second season?

Netflix stated that “B: The Beginning Season 2 of the hit anime series is coming soon to Netflix.”. However, unfortunately, we haven’t seen a new season in the last two years. Netflix made the second expected news recently and announced that B: The Beginning arrives in 2021. The production of the second season of the series has been going on for a long time, and we think that Covid-19 has an effect on this delay. Although no clear date has been given, we think the series will be on Netflix in spring 2021. When the official release date and trailer are shared, we will share them with you.