anime release datesAnime are Japanese animated series that are popular all over the world. Although anime is described as a cartoon in many parts of the world, it is never a cartoon. Cartoons are mostly for children, but anime is made for all age groups. Even, mostly we can say that it is not suitable for children. Anime is mostly adapted from manga or light novels which are visual and written works in Japan. What is the manga exactly? Manga is comics that use the same drawings, just like anime. Although it started to be popular in the early 2000s, manga, and anime culture dates back to much older.

We are providing upcoming anime release dates!

As you can understand from our site’s name, we closely follow the anime media and share the next season’s rumors, renewals, and anime release dates with you. So how do we do it? It is mostly not clear whether many anime will have a new season. Most of the time, animes end their broadcast life before making a final. The reason for this is that the vast majority of the dozens of anime released every year are advertising manga or light novels, and very few of them are financially sufficient for a second season alone.

We analyze whether there will be a new season of anime for you. While doing this, we are reviewing manga statuses. As we said before, anime is mostly manga adaptations, and the main source materials of anime are manga. “Is there enough material available to create a new season?” or “Is the manga of the anime series still ongoing?” Questions like these are at the center of our research. Then we evaluate the comments of producers and broadcasters, the popularity of the series, search volumes, social media activities, BluRay and DVD sales, and try to provide you with the most accurate forecast for the new season of the anime you are waiting for.

While you are still waiting for your anime’s new season, you can check out similar anime.

πŸ‘Œ The Best New Anime Released on Netflix
πŸ‘ 6 Anime Like ‘Demon Slayer’
πŸ‘ 6 Anime Like ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’

Name of the AnimeExpected SeasonFirst Release YearPopularity ScoreIMDb ScoreLicensed byStudioRenewal StatusRelease Date PredictionRenewal Possibility
Bungou Stray DogsSeason 4201696,07,8CrunchyrollBonesPending2023 Early90% 😊
KoikimoSeason 2202163,57,1CrunchyrollNomadPending-10% πŸ˜’
Non Non BiyoriSeason 4201382,87,8CrunchyrollSilver LinkPending-20% πŸ˜’
OsamakeSeason 2202167,26,1CrunchyrollDoga KoboPending202360% πŸ€”
Don’t Toy with Me, Miss NagatoroSeason 2202187,77,5CrunchyrollTelecom Animation FilPending202450% πŸ€”
Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s SongSeason 2202178,48,6Aniplex of AmericaWit StudioPending2023 Early70% 😊
Full DiveSeason 2202161,66,4FunimationENGIPending-30% πŸ˜’
Blend S Season 2Season 2201789,16,9Aniplex of AmericaA-1 PicturesPending2023 Late50% πŸ€”
Super CubSeason 2202144,97,4FunimationStudio KaiPending-20% πŸ˜’
Record of RagnarokSeason 2202185,06,2NetflixGraphinicaPending2022 Mid70% 😊
Mars RedSeason 2202150,66,3FunimationSignal.MDPending-20% πŸ˜’
Shadows HouseSeason 2202157,27,6FunimationCloverWorksPending-40% πŸ˜’
Odd TaxiSeason 2202150,88,6CrunchyrollOLM
Pending-40% πŸ˜’
So I’m a Spider, So What?Season 2202174,57,2CrunchyrollMillepenseePending2023 Mid50% πŸ€”
HigehiroSeason 2202183,87,7CrunchyrollProject No.9Pending-20% πŸ˜’
Moriarty the PatriotSeason 2202073,98,0FunimationProduction I.GPending2023 Mid60% πŸ€”
86 (Eighty-Six)S1: Part 2202179,48,1CrunchyrollA-1 PicturesRenewedOctober 2021100% πŸ‘
How Not to Summon a Demon LordSeason 3201889,47,1CrunchyrollAjia-do Animation WorksPending202460% πŸ€”
Zombieland SagaSeason 3201884,67,0CrunchyrollMAPPAPending2023 Mid70% 😊
EdenSeason 2202175,06,7NetflixQubic PicturesPending2022 Late70% 😊
Combatants Will Be DispatchedSeason 2202170,06,7FunimationJ.C. StaffPending202350% πŸ€”
The Devil Is a Part-TimerSeason 2201397,57,7FunimationWhite FoxRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
The Misfit of Demon King AcademySeason 2202087,07,3Aniplex of AmericaSilver LinkRenewed2022 Mid100% πŸ‘
Yona of the DawnSeason 2201492,98,1FunimationPierrotPending-30% πŸ˜’
Aesthetica of a Rogue HeroSeason 2201283,37,1FunimationArmsPending-0% πŸ˜’
Tokyo RavensSeason 2201386,07,5FunimationEight BitPending-10% πŸ˜’
Chivalry of a Failed KnightSeason 2201594,07,4Sentai FilmworksSilver LinkPending-40% πŸ˜’
No Game No LifeSeason 2201499,57,8Sentai FilmworksMadhousePending2022 Late90% 😊
OverlordSeason 4201597,37,8FunimationMadhouseRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
NoragamiSeason 3201499,27,9FunimationBonesPending202360% πŸ€”
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot SpringsSeason 2201872,66,8Aniplex of AmericaXebecPending202350% πŸ€”
The Way of the HousehusbandSeason 2202169,27,3NetflixJ.C. StaffRenewed2021 Late100% πŸ‘
Mushoku TenseiPart 2202191,08,4FunimationStudio BindRenewedOctober 2021100% πŸ‘
Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New WorldSeason 2202068,26,4FunimationSilver LinkPending-30% πŸ€”
Kekkai SensenSeason 3201593,47,3FunimationBonesPending202370% 😊
Seton AcademySeason 2202062,56,6CrunchyrollStudio GokumiPending-30% πŸ˜’
Redo of HealerSeason 2202183,06,3Sentai FilmworksTNKPending2022 Late70% 😊
Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon BooniesSeason 2202166,56,4FunimationLiden FilmsPending-20% πŸ€”
Re:Zero βˆ’ Starting Life in Another WorldSeason 3201699,28,1CrunchyrollWhite FoxPending202390% 😊
Black CloverSeason 5201796,68,2CrunchyrollPierrotPending-30% πŸ˜’
Attack on TitanSeason 4 P2201399,98,9FunimationMAPPARenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
The Promised NeverlandSeason 3201987,08,6Aniplex of AmericaCloverWorksPending-30% πŸ˜’
YasukeSeason 2202170,16,3NetflixMAPPAPending2022 Early70% 😊
Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kunSeason 2202171,07,1FunimationProject No. 9Pending202350% πŸ€”
Osomatsu-sanSeason 4201563,87,5Viz MediaPierrotPending202360% πŸ€”
B: The BeginningSeason 3201877,77,2NetflixProduction I.G.Pending202370% πŸ‘
Dr. StoneSeason 3201997,28,2CrunchyrollTMS EntertainmentRenewed2022 Mid100% πŸ‘
Witch Craft WorksSeason 2201477,96,8CrunchyrollJ.C. StaffPending-40% πŸ˜’
Pacific Rim: The BlackSeason 2202195,07,1NetflixPolygon PicturesRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
HorimiyaSeason 2202192,08,2FunimationCloverWorksPending-20% πŸ˜’
Wonder Egg PrioritySeason 2202186,58,2FunimationCloverWorksPending2022 Late50% πŸ€”
SK8 the InfinitySeason 2202178,08,0Aniplex of AmericaBonesPending202380% 😊
Black ButlerSeason 4200896,17,8Aniplex of America
A-1 PicturesPending2022 Late70% 😊
Teasing Master Takagi-sanSeason 3201886,27,6NetflixShin-Ei AnimationPending2022 Late80% 😊
BarakamonSeason 2201490,68,2FunimationKinema CitrusPending2022 Mid50% πŸ€”
OresukiSeason 2201981,36,9Aniplex of AmericaConnectPending2022 Mid50% πŸ€”
Magia RecordSeason 2202057,76,2Aniplex of AmericaShaftRenewed2021 Mid100% πŸ‘
Future DiarySeason 2201199,27,6FunimationAsreadPending-0% πŸ˜’
Girls’ Last TourSeason 2201777,17,6Sentai FilmworksWhite FoxPending-20% πŸ˜’
The Quintessential QuintupletsSeason 3201989,57,4CrunchyrollBibury Animation StudiosRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
Yuru CampSeason 3201883,28,0CrunchyrollC-StationPending202370% 😊
Kemono JihenSeason 2202169,37,6FunimationAjia-do Animation WorksPending2022 Late50% πŸ€”
Jujutsu Kaisen
6 Anime Like β€˜Jujutsu Kaisen’
Season 2202096,08,7CrunchyrollMAPPAPending2022 Mid90% 😊
Magical SempaiSeason 2201970,46,2CrunchyrollLiden FilmsPending-40% πŸ˜’
March Comes in Like a LionSeason 3201689,58,4Aniplex of AmericaShaftPending2022 Mid70% 😊
Yashahime: Princess Half-DemonSeason 2202050,17,4Viz MediaSunriseRenewed2021 Late100% πŸ‘
BeastarsSeason 3201990,47,8NetflixOrangeRenewed2022 Mid100% πŸ‘
My Little MonsterSeason 2201295,67,3CrunchyrollBrain’s BasePending-40% πŸ˜’
Ajin: Demi-HumanSeason 3201688,87,6Sentai FilmworksPolygon PicturesPending202250% πŸ€”
HaikyuuSeason 5201498,18,7CrunchyrollProduction I.G.Pending2022 Early90% 😊
ChihayafuruSeason 4201185,38,2Sentai FilmworksMadhousePending202360% πŸ€”
Aho-GirlSeason 2201784,96,6-DiomedΓ©aPending-20% πŸ˜’
Cells at Work!Season 3201888,87,6Aniplex of AmericaDavid ProductionPending-20% πŸ˜’
High-Rise InvasionSeason 2202150,06,9NetflixZero-GPending2022 Early60% πŸ€”
Just Because!Season 2201775,86,8Sentai FilmworksPine JamPending-40% πŸ˜’
Gamers!Season 2201789,36,6CrunchyrollPine JamPending2022 Mid50% πŸ€”
Love and LiesSeason 2201781,46,0Sentai FilmworksLiden FilmsPending2022 Mid50% πŸ€”
Eromanga SenseiSeason 2201790,15,4Aniplex of AmericaA-1 PicturesPending2022 Early80% 😊
Houseki No KuniSeason 2201782,97,9Sentai FilmworksOrangePending2022 Mid80% 😊
Saga of Tanya the EvilSeason 2201793,27,7CrunchyrollNUTRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
Little Witch AcademiaSeason 3201789,67,9NetflixStudio TriggerPending-40% πŸ˜’
TsugumomoSeason 3201763,36,5CrunchyrollZero-GPending-30% πŸ˜’
Angels of DeathSeason 2201886,86,4CrunchyrollJ.C. StaffPending2022 Early60% πŸ€”
Azur LaneSeason 2201957,45,7FunimationBibury Animation StudiosPending-40% πŸ˜’
Masamune Kun No RevengeSeason 2201792,06,4CrunchyrollSilver LinkPending-30% πŸ˜’
The Ancient Magus’ BrideSeason 2201793,67,8CrunchyrollWit StudioPending202380% 😊
Ryuuou no Oshigoto!Season 2201863,46,3CrunchyrollProject No.9Pending-30% πŸ˜’
Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for OtakuSeason 2201891,47,6Amazon VideoA-1 PicturesPending2022 Early80% 😊
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon MaidSeason 2201795,77,7CrunchyrollKyoto AnimationRenewedJuly 8, 2021100% πŸ‘
Children of the WhalesSeason 2201769,27,1NetflixJ.C. StaffPending-40% πŸ˜’
Grand BlueSeason 2201887,97,8Amazon VideoZero-GPending2022 Early70% 😊
Asobi AsobaseSeason 2201881,57,8CrunchyrollLerchePending2022 Mid50% πŸ€”
A Place Further than the UniverseSeason 2201885,38,2CrunchyrollMadhousePending2022 Early60% πŸ€”
Adachi and ShimamuraSeason 2202057,27,4FunimationTezuka ProductionsPending2022 Mid50% πŸ€”
Seraph of the EndSeason 3201596,57,5FunimationWit StudioPending2022 Early80% 😊
Gakuen BabysittersSeason 2201869,47,4CrunchyrollBrain’s BasePending-40% πŸ˜’
Deca-DenceSeason 2202073,87,1FunimationNUTPending-30% πŸ˜’
Akashic Records of Bastard Magic InstructorSeason 2201790,27,1CrunchyrollLiden FilmsPending202250% πŸ€”
Made in AbyssSeason 2201796,38,4Sentai FilmworksKinema CitrusPending202390% 😊
Hi Score GirlSeason 3201869,68,0NetflixJ.C. StaffPending-40% πŸ˜’
Kuma Kuma Kuma BearSeason 2202045,76,5FunimationEMT SquaredRenewed2021 Late100% πŸ‘
My First Girlfriend is a GalSeason 2201784,66,0CrunchyrollNAZPending2022 Mid50% πŸ€”
DanMachiSeason 4201597,77,4Sentai FilmworksJ.C. StaffPending2021 Late80% 😊
Is the Order a Rabbit?Season 4201472,37,1Sentai FilmworksEncourage FilmsPending202270% 😊
Golden KamuySeason 4201875,67,9CrunchyrollGeno StudioPending2022 Early90% 😊
TONIKAWASeason 2202081,77,5CrunchyrollSeven ArcsPending2022 Early70% 😊
KonoSubaSeason 3201698,67,8CrunchyrollStudio DeenPending2022 Early90% 😊
Classroom of the EliteSeason 2201792,67,5FunimationLerchePending202250% πŸ€”
HinamatsuriSeason 2201885,78,0CrunchyrollFeelPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
CitrusSeason 2201885,06,2CrunhyrollPassionePending202250% πŸ€”
Megalo BoxSeason 3201885,67,8Viz MediaTMS EntertainmentPending202350% πŸ€”
DakaichiSeason 2201848,16,9Aniplex of AmericaCloverWorksPending202350% πŸ€”
The Day I Became a GodSeason 2202066,86,8FunimationP.A.WorksPending-20% πŸ˜’
Ultramarine MagmellSeason 2201955,06,1NetflixPierrotPending-30% πŸ˜’
High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another WorldSeason 2201965,56,1CrunchyrollProject No.9Pending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
Great PretenderSeason 3202076,58,0NetflixWit StudioPending2022 Early70% 😊
Devilman CrybabySeason 2201893,57,6NetflixScience SARUPending-20% πŸ˜’
Violet EvergardenSeason 2201897,48,4NetflixKyoto AnimationPending-20% πŸ˜’
Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl SenpaiSeason 2201896,68,1Aniplex of AmericaCloverWorksPending2021 Late90% 😊
Isekai QuartetSeason 3201981,17,0FunimationStudio PuyukaiRenewed2022 Late100% πŸ‘
Senryu GirlSeason 2201961,87,0Sentai FilmworksConnectPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
Isekai Cheat MagicianSeason 2201972,05,1CrunchyrollEncourage FilmsPending2021 Mid60% πŸ€”
Infinite DendrogramSeason 2202058,55,8FunimationNAZPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
HitoriBocchiSeason 2201965,37,0CrunchyrollC2CPending202260% πŸ€”
BabylonSeason 2201957,46,5Amazon VideoRevorootPending-10% πŸ˜’
Rent-A-GirlfriendSeason 2202086,67,3CrunchyrollTMS EntertainmentRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
Meiji Tokyo RenkaSeason 2201930,77,9CrunchyrollTMS EntertainmentPending-20% πŸ˜’
Demon Lord, Retry!Season 2201965,16,8FunimationEkachi EpilkaPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
Boogiepop and OthersSeason 2201969,46,6CrunchyrollMadhousePending2021 Mid50% πŸ€”
Star AlignSeason 2201956,07,1FunimationEight BitPending2021 Late70% 😊
No Guns LifeSeason 3201965,66,8FunimationMadhousePending202260% πŸ€”
7 SeedsSeason 3201947,46,4NetflixStudio KaiPending2021 Mid80% 😊
Ascendance of a BookwormSeason 3201965,57,9CrunchyrollAjia-do Animation WorksRenewed2021 Late100% πŸ‘
The Helpful Fox Senko-sanSeason 2201976,96,8FunimationDoga KobaPending2021 Late60% πŸ€”
Ahiru no SoraSeason 2201962,27,5Sentai FilmworksDiomedΓ©aPending2022 Early50% πŸ€”
Darwin’s GameSeason 2202081,97,3Aniplex of AmericaNexusPending2021 Late70% 😊
Ao-chan Can’t Study!Season 2201967,86,4Sentai FilmworksSilver LinkPending-10% πŸ˜’
Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?Season 2201973,46,2Sentai FilmworksTear StudioPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove ItSeason 2202068,66,8CrunchyrollZero-GRenewed2021 Mid100% πŸ‘
Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of LifeSeason 3201963,57,7FunimationPlatinum VisionPending2021 Late60% πŸ€”
My Roommate is a CatSeason 2201962,17,8CrunchyrollZero-GPending-30% πŸ˜’
GivenSeason 2201975,88,3CrunchyrollLerchePending202360% πŸ€”
HensukiSeason 2201970,06,1FunimationGeek ToysPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
Fire ForceSeason 3201994,17,7FunimationDavid ProductionPending2021 Mid80% 😊
Kaguya-sama: Love is WarSeason 3201992,58,3Funimation
A-1 PicturesRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
Demon Slayer
6 Anime Like β€˜Demon Slayer’
Season 2201998,58,7CrunchyrollUfotableRenewed2021 Mid100% πŸ‘
Hatena IllusionSeason 2202029,55,4FunimationChildren's Playground EntertainmentPending-10% πŸ˜’
Akudama DriveSeason 2202074,87,9FunimationPierrotPending202250% πŸ€”
22/7 (Nanabun No Nijyuuni)Season 2202029,16,0CrunchyrollA-1 PicturesPending-20% πŸ˜’
If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the BudokanSeason 2202028,76,8FunimationEight BitPending-20% πŸ˜’
Asteroid in LoveSeason 2202043,07,2CrunchyrollDoga KobaPending-30% πŸ˜’
Drifting DragonsSeason 2202029,86,1NetflixPolygon PicturesPending2021 Mid50% πŸ€”
My Next Life as a VillainessSeason 2202076,37,4CrunchyrollSilver LinkPending2021 Mid100% πŸ‘
number24Season 2202028,37,3FunimationPRAPending-10% πŸ˜’
Princess Connect! Re: DiveSeason 2202062,16,4CrunchyrollCygamesPicturesPending2021 Mid100% πŸ‘
NekoparaSeason 2202057,66,2FunimationFelix FilmPending2022 Early50% πŸ€”
Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045Season 2202028,06,3NetflixProduction I.G.Renewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!Season 2202073,38,2CrunchyrollScience SaruPending202250% πŸ€”
The 8th Son? That Can’t Be Right!Season 2202060,86,1CrunchyrollShin-Ei AnimationPending-30% πŸ˜’
In/SpectreSeason 2202079,2
6,7CrunchyrollBrain’s BasePending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
PlundererSeason 2202075,96,2FunimationGeek ToysPending2021 Late60% πŸ€”
Wise Man’s GrandchildSeason 2201984,46,7FunimationSilver LinkPending2021 Late60% πŸ€”
ArifuretaSeason 2201984,56,8FunimationWhite FoxRenewedJanuary 2022100% πŸ‘
Cannon BustersSeason 2201926,76,8NetflixSatelightPending2021 Late60% πŸ€”
Vinland SagaSeason 2201993,38,8Amazon VideoWit StudioRenewed2022 Mid100% πŸ‘
BofuriSeason 2202079,57,4FunimationSilver LinkRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
Kengan AshuraSeason 3201945,98,0NetflixLarx EntertainmentPending2021 Mid80% 😊
ID: InvadedSeason 2202073,07,6FunimationNAZPending2021 Late60% πŸ€”
The God of High SchoolSeason 2202088,67,6CrunchyrollMAPPAPending2021 Late90% 😊
Tower of GodSeason 2202091,48,0CrunchyrollTelecom Animation FilmPending2021 Mid80% 😊
Blood of ZeusSeason 2202098,07,9NetflixPowerhouseRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
Dragon’s DogmaSeason 2202021,2
6,4NetflixSublimationPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
Astra Lost in SpaceSeason 2201972,58,1FunimationLerchePending-20% πŸ˜’
Domestic GirlfriendSeason 2201986,56,7CrunchyrollDiomedΓ©aPending-40% πŸ˜’
Seis ManosSeason 2201985,07,3NetflixPowerhouse AnimationPending-40% πŸ˜’
The Rising of The Shield HeroSeason 2201996,48,1CrunchyrollKinema CitrusRenewed2021 Early100% πŸ‘
Banana FishSeason 2201886,07,9Amazon VideoMAPPAPending-30% πŸ˜’
Devils LineSeason 2201867,16,9Sentai FilmworksPlatinum VisionPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
DororoSeason 2201994,28,4Amazon VideoMAPPAPending-30% πŸ˜’
Goblin SlayerSeason 2201894,77,5CrunchyrollWhite FoxRenewed2022 Early100% πŸ‘
DorohedoroSeason 2202079,78,1NetflixMAPPAPending2021 Mid80% 😊
Carole and TuesdaySeason 3201976,77,9NetflixBonesPending2022 Mid50% 😊
LeviusSeason 2202022,17,0NetflixPolygon PicturesPending-40% πŸ˜’
Japan Sinks: 2020Season 2202049,46,5NetflixScience SaruPending-10% πŸ˜’
Cagaster of an Insect CageSeason 2202024,56,1NetflixKaiPending-20% πŸ˜’
Mob Psycho 100Season 3201898,18,5NetflixBonesPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
The Disastrous Life of Saiki KSeason 2201991,77,9NetflixJ.C. StaffPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
AggretsukoSeason 4201847,18,0NetflixFanworksPending2021 Mid80% 😊
Food Wars!Season 6201598,08,2CrunchyrollJ.C. StaffPending-20% πŸ˜’
One Punch ManSeason 3201599,88,8NetflixJ.C. StaffPending2022 Early80% 😊
We Never Learn: BOKUBENSeason 3201979,16,8CrunchyrollStudio SilverPending2022 Early70% 😊
BNA: Brand New AnimalSeason 2202076,77,3NetflixStudio TriggerPending2021 Late50% πŸ€”
Run with the WindSeason 2201872,88,4Sentai FilmworksProduction I.G.Pending-10% πŸ˜’
Toilet-bound Hanako-kunSeason 2202078,47,5FunimationLerchePending2021 Late60% πŸ€”
Kabaneri Of The Iron FortressSeason 2201693,47,2NetflixWit StudioPending-40% πŸ˜’
Irozuku Sekai No Ashita KaraSeason 2201876,97,3Amazon VideoP.A.WorksPending-40% πŸ˜’
ArteSeason 2202049,36,9FunimationSeven ArcsPending-20% πŸ˜’
Ace AttorneySeason 3201658,66,3CrunchyrollCloverWorksPending-30% πŸ˜’
Fruits BasketSeason 4201988,68,4FunimationTMS EntertainmentPending-0% πŸ˜’
The Dragon PrinceSeason 4201898,48,4NetflixBardel EntertainmentRenewed2021 Late100% πŸ‘
Boku no Hero AcademiaSeason 5201699,78,5FunimationBonesReleasedMar 27, 2021100% πŸ‘
BakiSeason 4201890,06,7NetflixTMS EntertainmentRenewed2021 Mid100% πŸ‘
Rilakkuma and KaoruSeason 2201970,08,4NetflixDwarf StudioRenewed2021 Mid100% πŸ‘

Interesting information about anime

  1. The first anime, released in 1917, consisted of a two-minute clip in which the samurai tested his new sword.
  2. The world-famous Death Note became so popular that the Chinese government banned the anime because children bought Death Note notebooks and wrote down the names of all the people they hated and wished they died.
  3. Generally, anime is drawn on any subject, but Sci-Fi is by far the most popular; Robots, post-apocalyptic metropolises are essential elements of the art form.
  4. Anime is a shortened pronunciation of Animation in Japan.
  5. More than 40 new anime appear every week on television channels in Japan.
  6. While “anime” refers to animation, the term “manga” refers to comics. Anime movies are often inspired by manga.
  7. The genre “Kodomo” defines children’s anime. Examples of popular kodomo anime are Hello Kitty and Pokemon.
  8. Anime artists often exaggerate the eye size of their characters. Big-eyed characters are thought to be inspired by the animated character Betty Boop from early anime artists.

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