Anime are Japanese animated series that are popular all over the world. Although anime is described as a cartoon in many parts of the world, it is never a cartoon. Cartoons are mostly for children, but anime is made for all age groups. Even, mostly we can say that it is not suitable for children. Anime is mostly adapted from manga or light novels which are visual and written works in Japan. What is the manga exactly? Manga is comics that use the same drawings, just like anime. Although it started to be popular in the early 2000s, manga, and anime culture dates back to much older.


As you can understand from our site’s name, we closely follow the anime media and share the next season’s rumors, renewals, and anime release dates with you. So how do we do it? It is mostly not clear whether many anime will have a new season. Most of the time, animes end their broadcast life before making a final. The reason for this is that the vast majority of the dozens of anime released every year are advertising manga or light novels, and very few of them are financially sufficient for a second season alone.

We analyze whether there will be a new season of anime for you. While doing this, we are reviewing manga statuses. As we said before, anime is mostly manga adaptations, and the main source materials of anime are manga. “Is there enough material available to create a new season?” or “Is the manga of the anime series still ongoing?” Questions like these are at the center of our research. Then we evaluate the comments of producers and broadcasters, the popularity of the series, search volumes, social media activities, BluRay and DVD sales, and try to provide you with the most accurate forecast for the new season of the anime you are waiting for.

The 50 Most Anticipated Anime Series

Name of the AnimeExpected SeasonFirst Release YearPopularity ScoreIMDb ScoreLicensed byStudioRenewal StatusRenewal PossibilityRelease Date Prediction
Tokyo RevengersSeason 2202192,18,4CrunchyrollLiden FilmsRenewed100%2022 Late
One Punch ManSeason 3201599,88,8NetflixJ.C. StaffPending90%2022 Late
HaikyuuSeason 5201498,58,7CrunchyrollProduction I.G.Pending90%2022 Late
Jujutsu KaisenSeason 2202098,48,7CrunchyrollMAPPAPending95%2022 Late
OverlordSeason 4201597,17,8FunimationMadhouseRenewed100%2022 Mid
Fruits BasketSeason 4201987,38,4FunimationTMS EntertainmentRenewed (Spin-off)100%2022 Mid
Classroom of the EliteSeason 2201793,97,5FunimationLerchePending80%2022 Late
Rent A GirlfriendSeason 2202093,37,3CrunchyrollTMS EntertainmentRenewed100%2022 Mid
Dr. StoneSeason 3201997,58,2CrunchyrollTMS EntertainmentRenewed100%2022 Mid
KonoSubaSeason 3201698,67,8CrunchyrollStudio DeenRenewed100%2022 Mid
No Game No LifeSeason 2201499,47,8Sentai FilmworksMadhousePending80%2023 Early
Vinland SagaSeason 2201995,68,8Amazon VideoWit StudioRenewed100%2022 Mid
Fire ForceSeason 3201995,67,7FunimationDavid ProductionPending90%2022 Late
ArifuretaSeason 2201986,76,8FunimationWhite FoxRenewed100%2022, January
Goblin SlayerSeason 2201895,07,5CrunchyrollWhite FoxRenewed100%2022 Late
Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another WorldSeason 3201699,28,1CrunchyrollWhite FoxPending95%2024
The Devil Is a Part-TimerSeason 2201397,37,7FunimationWhite FoxRenewed100%2022 Early
The Rising of The Shield HeroSeason 2201994,08,1CrunchyrollKinema CitrusRenewed100%2022 April
Attack on TitanSeason 4 P2201399,98,9FunimationMAPPARenewed100%2022, January 9
NoragamiSeason 3201499,27,9FunimationBonesPending60%2023 Early
The Dragon PrinceSeason 4201898,48,4NetflixBardel EntertainmentPending100%2022 Mid
Bungou Stray DogsSeason 4201696,17,8CrunchyrollBonesRenewed100%2022 Late
Made in AbyssSeason 2201794,08,4Sentai FilmworksKinema CitrusRenewed100%2022 Mid
DorohedoroSeason 2202083,78,1NetflixMAPPAPending80%2023 Early
Record of RagnarokSeason 2202190,26,2NetflixGraphinicaRenewed100%2022 Mid
Seraph of the EndSeason 3201589,07,5FunimationWit StudioPending80%2022 Late
High-Rise InvasionSeason 2202170,06,9NetflixZero-GPending80%2022 Late
The God of High SchoolSeason 2202091,77,6CrunchyrollMAPPAPending80%2023 Mid
Domestic GirlfriendSeason 2201989,26,7CrunchyrollDiomedéaPending40%-
HorimiyaSeason 2202194,68,2FunimationCloverWorksPending20%-
BeastarsSeason 3201991,67,8NetflixOrangeRenewed100%2022 Mid
Redo of HealerSeason 2202185,16,3Sentai FilmworksTNKPending60%2022 Late
Blood of ZeusSeason 2202098,07,9NetflixPowerhouseRenewed100%2022 Early
I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 YearsSeason 2202174,66,4CrunchyrollRevorootPending50%2023 Mid
Masamune Kun No RevengeSeason 2201792,06,4CrunchyrollSilver LinkPending90%2023 Mid
PlundererSeason 2202078,86,4FunimationGeek ToysPending50%2023 Late
Tower of GodSeason 2202092,58,0CrunchyrollTelecom Animation FilmPending80%2022 Mid
Violet EvergardenSeason 2201897,88,4NetflixKyoto AnimationPending10%-
BofuriSeason 2202082,87,4FunimationSilver LinkRenewed100%2022 Mid
DanMachiSeason 4201597,37,4Madman EntertainmentJ.C.StaffRenewed100%2022 Early
Darwin’s GameSeason 2202085,07,3Kenichiro SuehiroNexusPending50%2023 Late
DororoSeason 2201995,38,4MAPPASeven Seas EntertainmentPending10%-
HyoukaSeason 2201296,77,8Kyoto AnimationFunimationPending50%2023 Late
The Quintessential QuintupletsSeason 3201989,57,7Bibury Animation StudiosFunimationPending80%2023 Late
Toilet-bound Hanako-kunSeason 2202085,47,6LercheFunimationPending70%2023 Mid
Blue ExorcistSeason 3201198,77,4A-1 PicturesAniplex of AmericaPending80%2023 Mid

Interesting information about anime

  1. The first anime, released in 1917, consisted of a two-minute clip in which the samurai tested his new sword.
  2. The world-famous Death Note became so popular that the Chinese government banned the anime because children bought Death Note notebooks and wrote down the names of all the people they hated and wished they died.
  3. Generally, anime is drawn on any subject, but Sci-Fi is by far the most popular; Robots, post-apocalyptic metropolises are essential elements of the art form.
  4. Anime is a shortened pronunciation of Animation in Japan.
  5. More than 40 new anime appear every week on television channels in Japan.
  6. While “anime” refers to animation, the term “manga” refers to comics. Anime movies are often inspired by manga.
  7. The genre “Kodomo” defines children’s anime. Examples of popular kodomo anime are Hello Kitty and Pokemon.
  8. Anime artists often exaggerate the eye size of their characters. Big-eyed characters are thought to be inspired by the animated character Betty Boop from early anime artists.

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