Ajin Demi-Human Season 3 Release Date, Renewal Status, Manga

Ajin, a popular anime, attracted great attention with an immortal “Ajin” fiction that will come back to life even if it dies. Like the original manga, his anime is also very popular. The popular manga series that Kodansha began airing in 2012 and written by Gamon Sakurai was adapted to the anime in 2016. Netflix acquired streaming rights of anime licensed by Sentai Filmworks. The anime was created by Polygon Studio, which has partnered with Netflix in many anime. We also know the studio with the Drifting Dragons and Levius anime series. The anime, which came to the screen with 26 episodes divided into two parts in the same year, currently consists of 2 seasons. The second season of the series was broadcast on MBS, TBS, CBC, BS-TBS local channels from October 8, 2016, to December 24, 2016. It was on Netflix on December 27, 2016. Now fans are wondering if there could be a third season of the anime.

What is the plotline of the anime?

Mysterious immortal humans are known as “Ajin” first appeared in Africa 17 years ago. After their discovery, they were branded as a threat to humanity, as they could use their power for evil and cannot be destroyed. Since then, whenever Ajin is in public, he must be immediately arrested and detained.

Kei Nagai, who works hard to become a doctor, is a high school student who only knows Ajin from what he saw on the news. While the students are taught that these creatures are not considered human beings, it is an issue that is not emphasized in Kei’s class. Kei, who had a traffic accident after school one day, realizes that he is Ajin when he comes back to life. The great escape story of Kei, who was seen by the people around him and labeled as the third Ajin of Japan, began.

ajin demi-human
The Picture: @Sentai / YouTube

Will there be a third season of Ajin: Demi-Human?

At the time of writing, Polygon Pictures, Netflix, or any related company has yet to renew the anime for a third season. As of March 2021, there is no new season approval yet, but we know that anime series have received new season approvals years later, and this period can be extended up to even 5-10 years. We have done a review for a new season, and we have some concerns based on disc sales. Let’s start from the beginning.

Manga status of the anime

Ajin is adapted from the manga series of the same name. The original manga was written and illustrated by Gamon Sakurai. The manga series published by Kodansha in the Good! Afternoon magazine was published between July 6, 2012 – February 5, 2021, and consists of 16 volumes. The manga ends with the last volume released recently.

In the first season of the anime, the first 5 volumes of the manga were adapted into the anime. However, in the second season, the series continued with an original story. Many volumes have not been adapted, and many open doors were left in the anime’s second season finale. It is possible that the third season of the anime will continue, even if it has original content or will be adapted from the manga.

Disc sales and distributors of the anime

The anime’s disc sales are valuable for a new season decision. In general, if the disc sales of an anime season exceed 4,000 units, there is a huge hope for a new season. However, poor disc sales make the chances of making a sequel extremely low. Looking at the sales of Ajin’s anime discs, the first volume sold 1547 units, 2nd volume 754, 3rd volume 553, 4th volume 359 units. When these sales numbers are considered, financial risks are evident. A new season of the anime does not seem possible in terms of disc sales.

However, in addition to the disc sales, the fact that a giant platform such as Netflix has purchased the series’s streaming rights strengthens the possibility of the new season. We can say that the financial income that he could not earn from the sales of anime disc was provided from streaming rights.

Popularity and the other factors

Although the disc sales were disappointing, the anime’s popularity score was 88.8%. This score shows how popular the anime is on online platforms, the volume of searches on google, and indirectly the expectation for the new season. When the filmmakers consider the current popularity, they can think of a new season. The animation prepared with CG technology was also very good. Over 50k users follow anime’s official Twitter page (@anime_ajin), and in terms of popularity, a new season seems likely.

Possibilities and release date of the third season

The anime has not yet been renewed for a third season, but the stock material adequacy keeps the possibility of a new season alive. Except for disc sales, all other factors indicate that the anime will have a new season. There is no renewal yet, but since it is prepared with CG technology, the production time can take longer. We expect to see a new season of the anime in 2022, with a possible renewal soon.